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Stone, Chlorite

Works of Art (6)

Chlorite vase with overlapping pattern and three bands of palm trees, ca. 2700–2350 B.C., Gulf region or southern Iran, Chlorite (17.190.106)
Pendant in the form of the head of an African (known as Ethiopian), 9th–8th century B.C., Cypriot; Said to be from Amathus, Cyprus, Chlorite (74.51.5010)
Stamp seal with animal and bird, 6th–5th millennium B.C.; Ubaid period, Syria or Anatolia, Steatite or chlorite (1984.175.13)
Stamp seal with quadruped, 4500–3600 B.C.; Ubaid–Middle Gawra period, Syro/Cilicia or Anatolia, Chlorite (1984.175.15)
Stamp seal with quadrupeds, 4500–3600 B.C.; Ubaid–Middle Gawra period, Mesopotamia, Chlorite (93.17.122)
Stone seated female figure, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium B.C., Central Asia (Bactria-Margiana), Chlorite or steatite, and limestone (1989.281.41a,b)