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Stone, Basalt

Works of Art (11)

Ceremonial Metate, 10th–11th century, Costa Rica; Atlantic Watershed, Stone (1978.412.94)
Ceremonial Metate, 4th–8th century, Costa Rica; Guanacaste, Stone (1979.206.429)
Figure, 9th–11th century (?), Marae 12, Mokumanamana (Necker Island), Hawai'i, Vesicular basalt (1976.194)
Fragment from a Figure, Head, 16th–19th century, Nigeria (?); Nnam, Basalt (1995.64.18)
Head of a Priest, 4th century B.C., Egyptian, Basalt (1989.281.102)
Head of a Water Deity, 15th–early 16th century, Mexico; Aztec, Basalt (00.5.44)
Maize Deity (Chicomecoatl), 15th–early 16th century, Mexico; Aztec, Basalt (00.5.51)
Orthostat relief: hunting scene, 850–830 B.C.; Neo-Hittite period, Excavated at south wall of Temple Palace, Tell Halaf, northern Syria, Basalt (43.135.2)
Sarcophagus of Horkhebit, Late Period, Dynasty 26, ca. 590 B.C., Egyptian; From Saqqara, Basalt (07.229.1ab)
Torso of a Ptolemaic King, Ptolemaic Period, 80–30 B.C., Egyptian, Dark basalt (1981.224.1)
Water Stone, 1986, Isamu Noguchi (American), Basalt (1987.222)