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Textile with Seasonal Imagery

Seasons, Textile

Works of Art (15)

Air: Louis XIV as Jupiter, from a set of eight wall hangings depicting the Elements and the Seasons, ca. 1683, French, Silk, wool, and metal thread (46.43.4)
Coat, spring/summer 1953, Christian Dior (French); Christian Dior Haute Couture (French), Silk (C.I.57.62.1a-c)
Cover for a ceremonial gift (rumal), ca. 1640–50, India, Deccan, Golconda, Cotton, stenciled, painted, and dyed (28.159.1)
Daffodil textile, 1883–1900, Associated Artists (New York City), Printed cotton velvet (28.70.25)
Dress, spring/summer 2003, Alexander McQueen (British), Shredded ivory silk chiffon and tiered silk organza (2003.462)
Dressing gown, ca. 1880, Japanese for Western market, Quilted blue silk (1970.83a,b)

Dressing gown, late 1880s, Japanese for Western market, Quilted brown silk (1975.227.7a,b)
The Emperor's Carpet (detail), mid-16th century, Iran (probably Herat), Silk (warp and weft), wool (pile), asymmetrically knotted pile (43.121.1)
Miniature Tunic (Uncu), 17th–18th century, Bolivia (Potosí), Cotton, camelid hair, silk, metal (2007.470)
Noh costume (surihaku) with Chinese bellflowers, Edo period, 18th century, Japan, Gold and silver leaf on silk satin (32.30.5)
Play/bathing suit, 1943, Claire McCardell (American), Checked cotton gingham (C.I.45.71.4)
Poet's-narcissus textile, 1883–1900, Associated Artists (New York City), Printed linen (28.70.5)
"Spring," 1754, Mary Wright (American), Possibly Sarah Osborn's school, Newport, Rhode Island, Wool and silk on linen (46.155)
Tapestry Square with the Head of Spring, 4th–5th century; Early Byzantine, Egyptian, Polychrome wool, linen (90.5.848)
Welcoming Spring, Ming dynasty, 15th century, China, Embroidery on silk gauze (1981.410)
Writing Box with Warbler in Plum Tree
Edo period (1615–1868), 18th century, Japan, Lacquered wood with gold and silver takamaki-e, hiramaki-e, togidashimaki-e on nashiji ground (29.100.695a–e)