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The Abduction of the Sabine Women, probably 1633–34, Nicolas Poussin (French), Oil on canvas (46.160)
The Accommodations of Desire, 1929, Salvador Dali (Spanish), Oil and cut-and-pasted printed paper on cardboard (1999.363.16)
Beauty Revealed, 1828, Sarah Goodridge (American), Watercolor on ivory (2006.235.74)
"Bondage" suit, 1976, Vivienne Westwood (British); Malcolm McLaren (British), Black cotton with metal fittings (2004.15a,b)

"Bondage" pants, late 1970s, Vivienne Westwood (British); Malcolm McLaren (British), Black cotton sateen with two-piece matching black wool over-kilt (2003.479a–c)
Bottle, Skeletal Couple with Child, 3rd–7th century, Peru, Moche, Ceramic (1978.412.196)
Cameo cup fragment with lovemaking scene, first half of 1st century A.D., Roman, Glass (81.10.349)
Childbirth bowl (scodella) with Aeneas Fleeing Troy (interior) and grotteschi (exterior); and tray (tagliere) with Pyramis and Thisbe (top) and Hercules and the Nemean Lion (bottom), ca. 1530–40, Baldassare Manara (Italian), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1043a,b)
Choes (jug), ca. 450–400 B.C.; red-figure, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (37.11.19)
Corbel with Five Interlaced Hair-Pulling Acrobats, second half of 12th century, Aquitaine, France, Limestone (34.21.2)
Cremorne Gardens, No. 2, ca. 1870–80, James McNeill Whistler (American), Oil on canvas (12.32)
Divan Japonais, 1892–93, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Lithograph printed in four colors on wove paper (58.621.17)
Ear Ornament or Pendant (Mamuli), 19th century, Kanatangu district, eastern Sumba Island, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Gold (1990.335.4)
Eurydice, ca. 1510–16, Attributed to Antonio Lombardo (Italian, Venetian), Marble (17.190.737)
Feathered Tunic, 12th–15th century, Peru, Chimú, Cotton, feathers (63.163)
Girdle, late 14th century, Italy; Venice (?), Basse taille enamel and silver-gilt plaques, mounted on a woven band (17.190.963)
Harem Scene, ca. 1884–1900, Henry Siddons Mowbray (American) Oil on canvas (26.158.3)
Headrest, 19th–20th century, Somalia; Somali (?) people, Wood (1979.206.31)
Intaglio with Eros carrying the weapons of Herakles, 1st century B.C., Roman, Almandine garnet (81.6. 31)
Jane Avril, 1893, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Lithograph printed in five colors; machine wove paper (32.88.15)
Lidded Saltcellar, 15th–16th century, Sierra Leone; Sapi-Portuguese, Ivory (1991.435a,b)
Loving couple (mithuna), Eastern Ganga dynasty, 13th century, Orissa, India, Ferruginous stone (1970.44)
Merrymakers at Shrovetide, ca. 1616–17, Frans Hals (Dutch), Oil on canvas (14.40.605)
Odalisque in Grisaille, ca. 1824–34, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (French) and Workshop, Oil on canvas (38.65)
Paying the Hostess, mid-1670s, Pieter de Hooch (Dutch), Oil on canvas (58.144)
Plate from the erotic book Mounds of Dyed Colors: A Pattern Book for the Boudoir (Someiro no yama neya no hinagata): First Month, Edo period (1615–1868), ca. 1736–44, Okumura Masanobu (Japanese), Hand-colored woodblock illustration; ink and color on paper (JP1499)
Plate with the Death of the Woman of Sestos, 1532, Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo (Italian), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (32.100.378)
Plate, ca. 520–510 B.C.; red-figure, Greek, Attic, Signed by Epiktetos as painter, Terracotta (1981.11.10)
Poet Virgil in a Basket, 1525, Lucas van Leyden (Netherlandish), Engraving (41.1.23)
Priapus and Lotis, third quarter of 16th century, Unidentified Sixteenth-Century Etcher (possibly Jacopo Bertoia, Italian, Parma), after Francesco Parmigianino (?) (Italian, Parma), Etching (27.78.1[26])
[Reclining Odalisque], 1858, Roger Fenton (British), Salted paper print from glass negative (1997.382.34)
Ring stone with four goddesses and four date palms, Mauryan period, 3rd–2nd century B.C., India, Stone (2000.284.10)
Seated Couple, 16th–20th century, Mali; Dogon peoples, Wood, metal (1977.394.15)
The Sofa, ca. 1894–96, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Oil on cardboard (51.33.2)
Title Page for the Suite Elles, 1896, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Lithograph printed in three colors on wove paper (1984.1203.166[2])
Two Lovers, 1630; Safavid, Riza cAbbasi (ca. 1565–1635), Isfahan, Iran, Tempera and gilt paint on paper (50.164)
Woman before a Mirror, 1897, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Oil on cardboard (2003.20.15)