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Index Classification: Artist / Ceramicist, Sculptor

Sèvres Manufactory

(French, 1740–present)

Works of Art (15)

Coffee and tea service (déjeuner chinois reticulé), 1855–61, Sévres Manufactory (French); Decorator: Jean-Marie-Ferdinand Réginer (French), Hard-paste porcelain (69.193.1–11)
Coffee service, 1900–1904, Designer: Léon Kann (French; active at Sèvres), Hard-paste porcelain (1988.287.1a,b)
Fruit or flower basket, 1823, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Designer: Louis Martin Berthault (French); Designer: Pierre-Louis Micaud (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1985.119)
Ice cream cooler, 1805, Sèvres Manufactory (French), Hard-paste porcelain (62.165.43a-c)
Pair of vases ("Vase Gothique Fragonard"), 1844, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decorated by Jacob Meyer-Heine (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1992.23.1,.2)
Pair of wall lights, ca. 1761, French; Sèvres, Soft-paste porcelain (58.75.65,.66)
Partial coffee service ("Déjeuner Culture et Récolte du Cacao"), 1836, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decorated by Jean-Charles Develly (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1986.281.1ab–4)
Plate, 1808, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decorated by Pierre André Le Guay (French); gilded by Joseph-Léopold Weydinger (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1987.224)
Plate, 1827, Sèvres Manufactory (French), Hard-paste porcelain (2002.57)
The Prince Impérial with His Dog Néro, 1912, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (French); Manufacturer: Sèvres; Modeler: Henri Robert (French), Hard-paste biscuit porcelain (1972.79)
Soup plate, 1847, Sèvres Manufactory (French), Hard-paste porcelain (37.175.1)
Standing cup ("Coupe Chenavard"), 1837, Sèvres Manufactory (French), Hard-paste porcelain (2003.153)
Standing cup ("Coupe Couty"), 1879, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decoration attributed to François Hallion (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1990.238ab)
Tray (plateau), 1813, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decorator (figural): Étienne Charles Le Guay (French); Decorator (ornamental): Jacques-Nicolas Sisson (or Sinsson) (French), Hard-paste porcelain (56.29.1-8)
Vase ("Vase Jasmine Cornet"), 1834, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decorated by Pierre Riton (French); gilded by Jean-Louis Moyez (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1978.373)