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Stamp Seal

Seal, Stamp

Works of Art (17)

Flat Stamp, 8th–12th century, Ecuador; Manteño, Ceramic (1991.436.4)
Intaglio Gemstone with Saint Theodore Teron Slaying a Multiheaded Dragon, 1300 or later, Byzantine, Black agate chalcedony with red-brown striations (1999.325.227)
Lentoid seal with a griffin, ca. 1450–1400 B.C.; Late Minoan II, Minoan, Agate (14.104.1)
Modern Impression of a stamped seal: hunters and goats, rectangular pen(?), early 2nd millennium B.C., Gulf region (ancient Dilmun), Steatite or chlorite (1987.96.22)
One Hundred Boys, Edo period, 17th century, Kano Eino (Japanese), Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink, color, and gold on paper (2009.260.1,2)
Openwork stamp seals, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium B.C., Central Asia (Bactria-Margiana), Copper alloy (1984.4)
Pair of square seals with cloud and rock pattern, 1912–49, China, Stone (2007.52a,b)
Seal, ca. 1704, Jacob Boelen (American), Silver, wood (33.120.375)
Stamp scarab seal with winged figures, 6th–5th century B.C., Levant or Syria, Green jasper (41.160.162)
Stamp seal amulet of a seated woman, 3300–2900 B.C.; Late Uruk/Jemdet Nasr period, Iran or Mesopotamia, Rhodochrosite (1988.380.1)
Stamp seal and a modern impression: unicorn or bull and inscription,, Mature Harappan period, ca. 2600–1900 B.C., Indus Valley, Burnt steatite (49.40.1)
Stamp seal with animal and bird, 6th–5th millennium B.C.; Ubaid period, Syria or Anatolia, Steatite or chlorite (1984.175.13)
Stamp seal with quadruped, 4500–3600 B.C.; Ubaid–Middle Gawra period, Syro/Cilicia or Anatolia, Chlorite (1984.175.15)
Stamp seal with quadrupeds, 4500–3600 B.C.; Ubaid–Middle Gawra period, Mesopotamia, Chlorite (93.17.122)
Stamp seal, 6th millennium B.C.; Halaf period, Syro/Cilicia, Steatite or chlorite (1986.311.1)
Stamp seal: standing noble holding a flower, 3rd–early 4th century; Sasanian period, Iran, Sardonyx (22.139.41)
Two Flat Stamps, 1st–7th century, Costa Rica; Atlantic Watershed, Ceramic (1979.206.1181,1183)