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Relief Sculpture from Central America

Sculpture, Relief, Mesoamerica and Central America

Works of Art (9)

Ballcourt Marker, 3rd–7th century, Mexico; Teotihuacan, Stone (1980.418)
Block with place-name glyphs, late 16th century (?), Mexico, Stone, traces of plaster (00.5.116)
Censer with Seated Figure, 5th–6th century, Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1982.394)
Deity Figure, 3rd–6th century, Honduras; Maya, Jade (jadeite), cinnabar (1979.206.1069)
Eagle Relief, 10th–13th century, Mexico; Toltec, Andesite/dacite, paint (93.27.2)
Earth Monster Relief, 15th–early 16th century, Mexico; Aztec, Stone (00.5.36)
Frieze Fragment (possibly from an altar), 18th century, Bolivian, Silver (1978.303.7)
Relief fragment, 17th century (?), Mexico, Stone (00.5.40)
Relief with Enthroned Ruler, 8th century, Mexico or Guatemala; Maya, Limestone, paint (1979.206.1047)