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Armor (Gusoku), 16th and 18th centuries; Edo period, Japanese, Lacquered iron, mail, silk, copper-gilt (14.100.172)
Armor (yoroi), Late Kamakura period, early 14th century, Japanese, Lacquered iron and leather, silk, stenciled leather, copper-gilt (14.100.121)
Fudō Myōō (Achala-vidyārāja), Heian period, 12th century, Japan, Joined-woodblock construction with traces of color and cut-gold (1975.268.163)
Helmet (Zukinnari Kabuto), 16th century; Momoyama period, Japanese, Lacquered iron (36.25.81)
Otani Oniji II, dated 1794, Toshusai Sharaku (Japanese), Polychrome woodcut print on paper (JP2822)
Surcoat (jimbaori), Edo period (1615–1868), 17th century, Japan, Silk, felt, metallic thread, lacquered wood (2006.95)

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