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Religious Figures from Italy

Figure, Religious, Europe, Italian Peninsula

Works of Art (8)

Bishop Saint in Prayer, 1528–30, Parmigianino (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola) (Italian), Brush and brown wash over black chalk (1995.306)
The Crucifixion, 1585
Agostino Carracci (Italian), after Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) (Italian)
Engraving (53.600.2210)
Head of a Bishop, ca. 1770, Gaetano Gandolfi (Italian), Oil on canvas (2010.117)
The Holy Family with Infant Saint John the Baptist, ca. 1524–26, Perino del Vaga (Pietro Buonaccorsi) (Italian), Oil on wood (2011.26)
The Investiture of Bishop Harold as Duke of Franconia, sketch, ca. 1751–52, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italian, Venetian), Oil on canvas (71.121)
Leaf from a Psalter: Initial D with Monks Singing, ca. 1495, Girolamo dai Libri (Italian Veronese), Italian; from the Olivetan monastery of Santa Maria in Organa, Verona, Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (12.56.4)
Madonna and Child with Two Angels and a Donor, ca. 1445
Giovanni di Paolo (Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia) (Italian), Tempera on wood, gold ground (partly checkered with modern red glazes) (41.190.16)
Statuette of Harpokrates, Imperial, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman, Bronze (18.145.20)