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Islamic Calligraphy

Religious Art, Islam, Calligraphy

Works of Art (13)

Calligraphic dish, 'Adil Shahi period (1490–1686), ca. 1600, India, Deccan, Bijapur, Copper alloy, cast (1983.227)
Calligraphy panel, 20th century, Sadequain (Pakistani), Colors on wood (Inst.1980.3.2)
Dedicatory inscription from a mosque, Indian Sultanate period (1206–1555), dated A.H. 905 / A.D. 1500,India, Bengal, Gabbro, carved (1981.320)
Dinar, 79 A.H./698–99 A.D., Syria, Gold (99.35.2386)
Folio from a Qur'an manuscript, ca. 1180, Eastern Iran or present-day Afghanistan, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper (29.160.23)
Folio from a Qur'an manuscript, probably 9th century, Central Islamic Lands, Ink on parchment (40.164.1a)
Folio from the Kevorkian Album, ca. 1540, Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Calligraphy signed by Mir cAli Haravi, Ink, gold, and colors on paper (
Folios from a Qur'an manuscript, 383 A.H. / 993 A.D., Iran, Isfahan, Ink and gold on paper (40.164.5a, b)
Fragment from a Qur’an manuscript, ca. 1400; Timurid, Calligraphy attributed to cUmar Aqtac, Central Asia (probably Samarqand), Ink, colors, and gold on paper (1972.279)
Leaf from a Qur’an manuscript, 1307–1308; Ilkhanid, Ahmad ibn al-Suhrawardi al-Bakri, Calligrapher, Muhammed ibn Aybak, Illuminator, Baghdad, Iraq, Ink, colors, and gold on paper (55.44)
Mosque lamp for the Mausoleum of Amir Aydakin al 'Ala'I al-Bunduqdar, Mamluk period (1250–1517), shortly after 1285, Egypt, probably Cairo, Glass, brownish, blown, folded foot, applied handles, enameled and gilded (17.190.985)
Page from an Album of Calligraphies of Prophetic Traditions (Hadith), ca. 1500; Ottoman, Signed by Hamdullah ibn Mustafa Dede, Turkey (Istanbul), Ink, colors, and gold on paper; marbled paper, leather binding (1982.120.3)
Qur'an manuscript, late 9th–early 10th century, Syria or Iraq, Main support: ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on parchment; binding: leather, tooled (37.142)