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The Archer and the Milkmaid, ca. 1610, Andries Stock (Netherlandish), after Jacques de Gheyn II (Netherlandish), Engraving (49.95.1331)
Battle of Naked Men, 1465, Antonio Pollaiuolo (Italian, Florentine), Engraving (17.50.99)
Cinq Personnages, 1946, Stanley William Hayter (British), Engraving and soft-ground etching (1980.1117.1)
Costumes of Roman Women, Pietro Bertelli (Italian, Paduan), Engravings (62.676.31.2–6)

Courtesan and Blind Cupid, ca. 1588, Pietro Bertelli (Italian, Paduan), Engraving and etching; sheet (55.503.30)
Design for a Commode and Console: Plate 9 of Collection de meubles et objets de goût, 1802, Pierre de La Mésangère (French), Paris, Colored engraving (30.80)
Design for a Pendant with an IHS Monogram, 1609, Master P.R.K. (Netherlandish), Blackwork and engraving (42.86.3[3])
Design for a ring watch, 1561, Pierre II Woeiriot (French), Engraving (26.57.50)
Design for the Scrolled End of a Bedstead: Plate 15 of Recueil de décorations intérieures, 1812, Charles Percier (French); Pierre François Léonard Fontaine (French), Engraving (28.40.1)
Foliate Ornament, ca. 1470, Master W with the Key (Netherlandish), Engraving (29.16.1)
Four-Master and Two Three-Masters Anchored near a Fortified Island with a Lighthouse, ca. 1561–62, Frans Huys after Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Netherlandish), Engraving and etching; first state of two (59.534.23)
Hesperides, sive, De Malorum Aureorum cultura et usu Libri Quatuor (opposite page 342), 1646, Written by Giovanni Battista Ferrari (Italian), Published by Sumptibus Hermanni Scheus, Designed by Guido Reni (Italian), Printed by Johann Friedrich Greuter (German, active Rome), Etching and engraving (67.828)
Melencolia I, 1514, Albrecht Dürer (German), Engraving (43.106.1)
The Milkmaid, 1510, Lucas van Leyden (Dutch), Engraving (41.1.24)
"Negress" Lying Down, 1658, Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch), Etching, drypoint, engraving; 3 3/16 x 6 1/4 in. (8.1 x 15.8 cm) (29.107.28)
Pendant Shaped Like a Beetle with a Couple and a Young Man Playing an Instrument, 1619, Jean I Toutin (French), Blackwork and engraving (23.84.15)
Poet Virgil in a Basket, 1525, Lucas van Leyden (Netherlandish), Engraving (41.1.23)
The principal parts of a watch, 1741, Detail of an engraving from Antoine Thiout l'aîné, Traité de l'horlogerie mechanique et pratique (Paris, 1741), vol. 2, pl. 34, Engraving (146.9/T34)
The Punishment of Evil Counselors, 1864, Gustave Doré (French), From Dante's The Vision of Hell (Inferno), London, Cassell, 1866, Wood engraving (21.36.133)
The Queen of Flowers, ca. 1430–40, Master of the Playing Cards (German), Engraving printed from two plates (2006.429)
Rectangular Octagonal Virginal, ca. 1600, Augsburg (?), Wood and various materials (89.4.1778)
The Skeletons: From the Grotteschi, ca. 1748, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian), Etching with engraving, drypoint, and burnishing, second state (
Standard Bearer and Drummer, 1544, Hans Sebald Beham (German), Engraving (41.1.90)
The Three Trees, Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch), 1643, Etching with drypoint and engraving (29.107.31)
Untitled, 1944–45, Jackson Pollock (American), Engraving and drypoint (1975.647.4)
Venados, 1981, Francisco Toledo (Mexican), Color engraving and aquatint (1985.1139)
The Yew Tree Ball (detail), 1745, Charles Nicolas Cochin II (French), Engraving (30.22[34/34])