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Ceramic Portrait

Portrait, Ceramic

Works of Art (11)

Bust of Francis I, 1529, Girolamo della Robbia (Italian), Glazed terracotta (41.100.245)
Centennial Vase, 1877, Made by Karl L. H. Müller (German); manufactured by Union Porcelain Works (American), Porcelain (1987.12)
Memorial Head, 17th century, Ghana; Akan, Twifo region, Hemang city, Terracotta, roots, quartz fragments (1978.412.563)
Memorial Head, 19th–20th century, Côte d'Ivoire; Akan, Anyi subgroup, Terracotta (1978.412.394)
Pharmacy Jar, late 15th century, Italian (Naples), Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (46.85.15)
Portrait Head Bottle, 5th–6th century, Peru; Moche, Ceramic (64.228.21)
The Prince Impérial with His Dog Néro, 1912, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (French); Manufacturer: Sèvres; Modeler: Henri Robert (French), Hard-paste biscuit porcelain (1972.79)
Relief portrait of Carlo Bertinazzi, ca. 1770, Italian; Perhaps Cozzi factory, Hard-paste porcelain (66.92)
Toddy jug with portrait of George Washington, ca. 1800–1820, Chinese for the American market, Porcelain (34.74a,b)
Vase ("Vase Jasmine Cornet"), 1834, Sèvres Manufactory (French); Decorated by Pierre Riton (French); gilded by Jean-Louis Moyez (French), Hard-paste porcelain (1978.373)
Zhenwu, Lord of the Northern Palace, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period, early 18th century, China, Porcelain with clear glaze (Dehua ware [blanc de Chine], Fujian Province) (79.2.481)