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Personal Ornament, Ring

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Design for a ring watch, 1561, Pierre II Woeiriot (French), Engraving (26.57.50)
Finger ring engraved with a seated woman and flying Eros, second half of 5th century B.C., Greek, Gold (1994.230.1)
Finger ring engraved with an image of Hermes, late 4th century B.C., Greek, South Italian, Tarentine, Gold (1994.230.3)
Finger ring of King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1353–1336 B.C., Egyptian; from Middle Egypt, el-Amarna (Akhetaten), inc. el-Hagg Qandil, Town, Petrie 1891–92, Gold (26.7.767)
Finger Ring with a Cross, 450–525, Frankish, Gold sheet with filigree and granulation, cloisonné cells inset with garnet and mother-of-pearl (17.192.229)
Ganymede Jewelry, Hellenistic, 330–300 B.C., Gold, rock crystal, emerald (37.11.8–.17)
Glass rings and bracelets, 1st century B.C.–4th century A.D., Roman, Glass and gold (74.51.4244)
Gold Box Ring Surmounted by a Scarab, ca. 330–310 B.C., Greek, Classical, Gold (2010.226)
Hinged ring, 2nd–1st century B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek, Gold with garnet (2005.278)
Intaglio with Bonus Eventus (Success), 1st center B.C.–3rd century A.D., Roman, Plasma (81.6.100)
Jewish betrothal ring, ca. 17th–19th century, Venice or Eastern Europe, Gold, enamel (17.190.996)
Ring of Leontios, 990–1030, Byzantine, Gold and niello (1982.282)
Ring of Pope Paul II, 1464–71, Italy (Rome), Blue glass mounted in gilt brass (1989.79)
Ring with Chameleon (Yawiige), 19th–20th century, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, or Burkina Faso; Senufo, Brass (1986.478.29)
Ring with head of Herakles, late 4th–3rd century B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek, Gold (10.132.1)
Ring with intaglio portrait of Emperor Tiberius, 14–37 A.D.; Early Imperial, Roman, Gold, carnelian (1994.230.7)
Ring, 10th–11th century, Germany (Ottonian), Gold with cloisonné enamel (2004.274)
Ring, late 4th or early 3rd century B.C.; Late Classical or Hellenistic, Etruscan, Gold (03.24.34)
Ring, late 6th–early 5th century B.C., Etruscan, Gilt silver (1995.40)
Rings and necklace, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat I, ca. 1975 B.C., Egyptian; From the tomb of Wah, western Thebes,Carnelian and linen thread; blue-glazed steatite and linen thread; carnelian, turquoise, moss agate, amethyst, milky quartz, green-glazed steatite, and twisted linen cord (40.3.1,.11,.16)
Scarab ring, Dynasty 12 (ca. 1981–1802 B.C.), Egyptian, Amethyst, copper (10.130.910)

Scarab with the name of Hatshepsut, early Dynasty 18, reign of Hatshepsut, ca. 1473–1458 B.C., Egyptian, Glazed steatite (27.3.206)

Heart scarab of Ruru, Dynasty 18–20 (ca. 1550–1070 B.C.), Egyptian, Dark green stone (10.130.1650)

Naturalistic scarab, Late Period–Ptolemaic Period (ca. 688–30 B.C.), Egyptian, Alabaster (15.43.136)
Seal ring with inscription, Timurid period (1370–1507), late 15th–early 16th century, Iran or Central Asia, Gold, cast and chased, nephrite, carved (12.224.6)
Set of jewelry, early 5th century B.C.; late Archaic, Etruscan, Gold, glass, rock crystal, agate, carnelian (40.11.7-.18)
The Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist, ca. 1520–30, Northern Italian, Sardonyx; mounted in gold as a ring (38.150.4)
Young Woman with a Torch and a Vase, ca. 1770–90, Giovanni Pichler, Rome, Sardonyx; mounted in gold as a ring (39.22.42)