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Personal Ornament, Necklace

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Aegis of Sekhmet or Bastet, Third Intermediate Period and later (ca. 1070–332 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (10.130.2055)
Beads, 18th century, Morocco, Fabricated from sheet and set with emeralds and rubies and/or fine garnets (1981.5.18,19)
Bracelets and Necklace, 11th–16th century, Mali; Jennenke, Copper alloy (1998.480.6,8;1999.486.6)
Brooch, necklace, and hair comb, ca. 1905, Florence Koehler (American), Pearls, enamel, gold (pin only: sapphire, emeralds) (52.43.1-.3)
Four strands of beads, 2500–2400 B.C.; Early Dynastic IIIa period, Excavated at the "Great Death Pit," Ur, Mesopotamia, Gold, lapis lazuli (33.35.48)
Frog Ornaments, 15th–early 16th century, Mexico (Mixtec/Aztec), Cast gold (1998.39.1–.20)
Ganymede Jewelry, Hellenistic, 330–300 B.C., Gold, rock crystal, emerald (37.11.8–.17)
Gold beads from a necklace, 19th–early 20th century, Saudi Arabia, Fabricated from sheet, wire, and swaged wire, decorated with granulation, set with turquoise (1980.306a-e)
Jewelry elements for a broad collar, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1353–1336 B.C., Egyptian; from Middle Egypt, el-Amarna (Akhetaten), EES 1928–29 (neg. 121b), 1930–31, Faience (31.114.2a)
Jewelry elements, Timurid period (1370–1507), late 14th–16th century, Iran or Central Asia, Gold sheet, worked, chased, and set with turquoise, gray chalcedony, and glass, large medallion (1989.87a–l)
Kushite Pharaoh, Late Period, Dynasty 25, ca. 713–664 B.C. Egyptian Bronze with gilding (2002.8)
The Madytos Jewelry, ca. 330–300 B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek; Said to be from Madytos, Gold (06.1217.1-.13)
Marriage necklace (kalata uru), late 19th century, India (Tamil Nadu, Chettiar), Gold strung on black thread (1991.32.3)
Menat necklace, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep III, ca. 1390–1353 B.C., Egyptian; from Upper Egypt, Thebes, Malqata, Birket Habu Mound B 1, Private House B, MMA excavations 1911–12, Faience, bronze or copper alloy, glass, agate, carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise (11.215.450)
Moses Gill, ca. 1759, John Singleton Copley (American), Oil and gold leaf on copper (2006.1)
Neck Ring, 400–500, Eastern Germanic, Gold (27.122.16)
Necklace and earrings, Late Hellenistic, 1st century B.C., Greek, Gold, garnet, agate (1994.230.4–.6)
Necklace Beads, 10th–16th century, Colombia; Tairona, Gold (2002.231)
Necklace choker, 2500–2400 B.C.; Early Dynastic IIIa period, Excavated at the "Great Death Pit," Ur, Mesopotamia, Gold, lapis lazuli (33.35.47)
Necklace elements, Nasrid period (1232–1492), probably 15th century, Spain, Gold, cloisonné enamel, filigree, granulation (17.190.161a-j)
Necklace pendants and beads, 17th–16th century B.C.; late Old Babylonian period, Mesopotamia, Gold (47.1b)
Necklace with coin pendants, Late Imperial, 3rd century A.D., Roman, Gold (17.190.1655)
Necklace with Pendant, 16th–18th century, Angola; Chokwe, Wood, ceramic, raffia (1996.456)
Necklace, 1845–50, Maker unknown, American, Seed pearls, mother-of-pearl, horsehair, silk, yellow gold (2003.350.2)
Necklace, ca. 1870, Eugène Fontenay (French), Gold, enamel, diamonds (1987.252)
Necklace, ca. 1904, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American), Opals, gold, enamel (46.168.1)
Necklace, fall 1938, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian); Jean Clemént (French), Plastic, metal (2009.300.1234)
Pendant Figure, 2nd century B.C.–2nd century A.D., Mexico; Colima, Shell (spondylus) (1985.260)
Ram's-Head Amulet, Late Period, Dynasty 25, ca. 712–657 B.C., Egyptian/Nubian, Gold (1989.281.98)
Rings and necklace, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat I, ca. 1975 B.C., Egyptian; From the tomb of Wah, western Thebes,Carnelian and linen thread; blue-glazed steatite and linen thread; carnelian, turquoise, moss agate, amethyst, milky quartz, green-glazed steatite, and twisted linen cord (40.3.1,.11,.16)
Rosary, ca. 1500–1525, German, Ivory, silver, partially gilded mounts (17.190.306)
Set of jewelry, early 5th century B.C.; late Archaic, Etruscan, Gold, glass, rock crystal, agate, carnelian (40.11.7-.18)
Standing female figure wearing a strap and a necklace, 3rd–early 2nd millennium B.C.; Bronze Age, Southwestern Arabia, Sandstone, quartzite (1998.380)
Statuette of a Woman, Late Period, Dynasty 26, reign of Necho II, ca. 610–595 B.C., Egyptian, Silver (30.8.93)
Strand of beads, 9th–12th century, Found at Iran, Nishapur, Carnelian (48.101.70)