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Personal Ornament, Diadem

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Diadem with kinnari (half-bird, half-female creatures), 9th–10th century, India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir) or Pakistan, Gold inset with garnet (1988.395)
Diadem, 1200–800 B.C.; Bronze Age, East-central Europe, Carpathian Basin region, Copper alloy (2000.281.1)
Diadem, 400–450, Ostrogothic, Sheet gold worked in repoussé (98.11.67)
Headdress with leaf-shaped ornaments, 2600–2500 B.C.; Early Dynastic period IIIa; Sumerian style, Excavated at "King's Grave," Ur, Mesopotamia, Gold, lapis lazuli, carnelian (33.35.3)
The Madytos Jewelry, ca. 330–300 B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek; Said to be from Madytos, Gold (06.1217.1-.13)