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Personal Ornament for Clothing

Personal Ornament, for Clothing

Works of Art (20)

Appliqués, first half of 5th century, Eastern Germanic; Ukraine, Kerch, Gold sheet (98.11.71)
Bell: Horse Head, 19th–20th century, Nigeria; Lower Niger (?), Brass, iron (1991.17.140)
Buttons, fall 1938, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian); Jean Clemént (attributed) (French); Roger Jean-Pierre (attributed) (French), Synthetic, metal (2009.300.1499a–i)
Collar stud, early 20th century, Attributed to Ersari, Central Asia or Iran, Silver with parcel gilt (or fire gilt) embossing, with glass stones and turquoise beads (2007.497.6)
Dress ornament, ca. 1923, Georges Fouquet (French), Jade, onyx, diamonds, enamel, platinum (2001.723)
Dress ornaments, 5th century B.C., Scythian; Possibly northern Black Sea region, Gold (24.97.50-.51)
Five Appliqués in the Shape of a Cross, ca. 600, Langobardic; From Castel Trosino, central Italy, Gold (95.15.79.–83)
Lace border, 17th century, Italian, Linen (33.90.35)
The Lacemaker, 1656–57, Nicolaes Maes (Dutch), Oil on canvas (32.100.5)
Masquerade Element (Omama): Ram's Head, 17th–19th century, Nigeria; Yoruba, Owo subgroup, Ivory, wood or coconut shell inlay (1991.17.123)
The Milliner, 1877, August Renoir (French), Pastel on paper (1974.356.34)
Ornamental plume or pin, 2nd century B.C.–2nd century A.D., Peru; Pukará Gold (1984.14)
Pair of Garment Pins (Tupus), 19th century, Bolivian, Silver (1978.303.5,.6)
Pin with recumbent lion, Iron Age II, 9th century B.C., Northwestern Iran; Excavated at Hasanlu, Bronze (61.100.10)
Robe, Qing dynasty (1644–1911), 17th century, China, Silk and metallic thread tapestry (kesi) (30.75.5)
Shoe Buckle, 400–450, Hunnic or Frankish, Gold, garnets (17.190.697)
Society of the Cincinnati medal, 1783, Designed by Charles L'Enfant (French, 1754–1825), Île-de-France, Paris, Gold (35.46a,b)
Two bird ornaments, 1st–2nd century, Peru; Nazca, Gold (1979.206.511,.512)
Vest chain, ca. 1900, Unger Brothers (American), Silver (2001.335)
Woman's informal robe with butterflies, Qing dynasty, late 19th–early 20th century, China, Embroidered silk satin (1970.145)