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Personal Ornament, Bracelet

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Bracelet with central medallion, Hellenistic, 2nd century B.C., Greek, Gold, glass (2001.230)
Bracelet, 17th–19th century, Nigeria; Yoruba, Owo subgroup, Ivory, wood or coconut shell inlay (1991.17.138)
Bracelet, Kofun period, 4th century, Japan, Steatite (1975.268.388)
Bracelet, late 19th–early 20th century, Nauruan people, Nauru, Caroline Islands, Fiber, coral beads, traces of feathers (1983.545.26)
Bracelets and Necklace, 11th–16th century, Mali; Jennenke, Copper alloy (1998.480.6,8;1999.486.6)
Bracelets: Crocodile Heads, 17th–19th century, Nigeria; Edo peoples, court of Benin, Brass, gilt (1991.17.80, 81)
Ganymede Jewelry, Hellenistic, 330–300 B.C., Gold, rock crystal, emerald (37.11.8–.17)
Glass rings and bracelets, 1st century B.C.–4th century A.D., Roman, Glass and gold (74.51.4244)
Pair of Jeweled Bracelets, 500–700, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Gold, silver, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, glass, quartz, and emerald plasma (17.190.1670, 1671)