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Abstract or Conceptual Photography

Photograph, Abstract/Conceptual

Works of Art (57)

Abstraction, Twin Lakes, Connecticut, 1916, Paul Strand (American), Silver-platinum print (1987.1100.10)
After Walker Evans: 2, 1981, Sherrie Levine (American), Gelatin silver print (1995.266.2)
Bedpan, 1930, Edward Weston (American), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.134)
Bingham Copper Mining Pit—Utah / Reclamation Project, 1973, Robert Smithson (American), Photostat and plastic overlay with wax pencil (2001.293)
Call, 1950, Otto Steinert (German), Gelatin silver print (1991.1056)
Chicago, 1960, Aaron Siskind (American), Gelatin silver print (1991.1212)
Composition, 1929, Maurice Tabard (French), Gelatin silver print(1987.1100.141)
The Doll, 1934–35, Hans Bellmer (German, born Poland), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.15)
Dunes, Oceano, 1936, Edward Weston (American), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.129)
Duration Piece #11, Bradford, Massachusetts, 1969, Douglas Huebler (American), Gelatin silver prints (2004.51a,b)
Dust Breeding, 1920, printed ca. 1967, Man Ray (American), Gelatin silver print (69.521)
Edward James in Front of On the Threshold of Liberty, 1937, Réné Magritte (Belgian), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.157)
Equivalent, 1926, Alfred Stieglitz (American), Gelatin silver print (49.55.29)
[Geometric Backyards, New York], 1917, Paul Strand (American), Platinum print (1987.1100.12)
Gustave Flaubert Beholds His Beloved, 1966, Gerhard Richter (German), Gelatin silver print (2003.234)
Heavy Cloud, 1985, Anselm Kiefer (German), Lead and shellac on photograph, mounted on board (1995.14.41)
I GOT UP, 1970, On Kawara (Japanese), 47 photomechanical reproductions (postcards) (2001.228a-pp)
Individuals, 1998, Vik Muniz (Brazilian), Silver dye bleach print (1999.200)
[Jacqueline Goddard], 1930, Man Ray (American), Gelatin silver print (2005.100.141)
Leap into the Void, 1960, Yves Klein (French), photographed by Harry Shunk (German) and Janos Kender (Hungarian), Gelatin silver print (1992.5112)
[Lette Eisenhauer Ascending Ladder in The Courtyard, a Happening by Allan Kaprow, New York City], 1962, Lawrence N. Shustak (American) Gelatin silver print (2002.334)

[William Mahin, Lette Eisenhauer, and Charles Simon Atop Giant "Mountain" Construction in The Courtyard, a Happening by Allan Kaprow, New York City], 1962, Lawrence N. Shustak (American), Gelatin silver print (2002.335)

[Lette Eisenhauer Descending from Giant "Mountain" Construction After Performance of The Courtyard, a Happening by Allan Kaprow, New York City], 1962, Lawrence N. Shustak (American), Gelatin silver print (2002.336)
Locomotive, 1929, Roger M. Parry (French), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.81)
The Lonely Life, 1992, Jack Pierson (American), Chromogenic print (2000.379)
Mystery of the Street, 1928, Umbo (Otto Umbehr) (German), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.49)
Nashville, 1963, Lee Friedlander (American), Gelatin silver print (1995.168.2)
Nest and Trees, 1997, Kiki Smith (American), Iris print (1999.64)
Nine Polaroid Portraits of a Mirror, 1967, William Anastasi (American), Black-and-white instant prints and mirror (1994.316.1–.9)
[Nude with a Mask], ca. 1912, E. J. Bellocq (American), Gelatin silver print (2005.100.130)
The Octopus, 1912, Alvin Langdon Coburn (British, born America), Platinum print (1987.1100.13)
Perpetual Photo, #209 B, 1989, Allan McCollum (American), Gelatin silver print (1992.5005)
Photo Booth Self-Portrait, ca. 1963, Andy Warhol (American), Gelatin silver prints (1996.63a,b)
Photogram, 1926, László Moholy-Nagy (American, born Hungary), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.158)
Port Authority, 1966–67, Ray K. Metzker (American), Gelatin silver print (1990.1083)
Proposal for a Monument at Antarctica, 1966, Robert Smithson (American), Photostat (2001.292)
Purple Woman/Kitchen/Second View, 1978, Laurie Simmons (American), Silver dye bleach print (2004.246)
Red Grooms' The Burning Building, 1960, John Cohen (American), Gelatin silver print (1997.503.1)
Red Stripe Kitchen, 1967–72, printed early 1990s, Martha Rosler (American), Chromogenic print (2002.393)
Scandinavia, 1930, László Moholy-Nagy (American, born Hungary), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.499)
Small Harbor, Marseille, 1928, Herbert Bayer (American, born Austria), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.8)
Splitting, 1974, Gordon Matta-Clark (American), Chromogenic prints mounted on board (1992.5067)
Starstruck #3, 2000, Wolfgang Tillmans (German), Chromogenic print (2001.668)
Still from an Untitled Film, 1978, Cindy Sherman (American), Gelatin silver print (1992.5147)
To Unroll One's Skin, 1970–71, Giuseppe Penone (Italian), Gelatin silver prints (2001.165a–g)
Toe-Touch, 1969, Vito Acconci (American), Two gelatin silver prints (2000.303.2)
Torn Movie Poster, 1931, Walker Evans (American), Gelatin silver print; (1987.1100.59)
Untitled (Cowboy), 1989, Richard Prince (American), Chromogenic print (2000.272)
Untitled (triptych), 1946, Harry Callahan (American), Gelatin silver prints (1996.291a-c)
Untitled #87, 1981, Cindy Sherman (American), Chromogenic print (1995.16)
Untitled, 1967. Minor White (American), Gelatin silver print (1995.563)
Untitled, 1973, printed 1989, Charles Ray (American), Gelatin silver print (1995.474)
Untitled, 1975, Sigmar Polke (German), Gelatin silver print (1992.5154)
Untitled, 1998, Tom Friedman (American), Chromogenic print (1999.230)
Untitled, 1999, Robert Gober (American), Gelatin silver print (2000.115)
Untitled, from the performance Hochzeit (Marriage), 1965, Rudolf Schwarzkogler (Austrian); Ludwig Hoffenreich (Austrian), Gelatin silver print (1995.476)
Uruapan 11, 1955, Aaron Siskind (American), Gelatin silver print (1991.1215)
Walking Gun, 1991, Laurie Simmons (American), Gelatin silver print (1998.440)
Wire Wheel, 1917, Paul Strand (American), Silver-platinum print (49.55.318)