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The Adams Vase, 1893–95, Paulding Farnham (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Gold, amethysts, quartzes, spessartites, tourmalines, freshwater pearls, enamel (04.1)
Automaton in the form of a chariot pushed by a Chinese attendant and set with a clock, 1766, Signed by James Cox (English), Case: gold, with diamonds and paste jewels set in silver; pearls; dial: white enamel; movement: brass, partly gilded, and steel; the balance wheel and cock of silver set with paste jewels (1982.60.137)
Belt buckle and ornamental plaques, Tang dynasty (618–906), 7th century, China, Gilt bronze inlaid with glass and pearls, silk backing (2008.299a–i)
Belt Ornament or Pendant, early 20th century, Probably western Kimberley Region, Western Australia, Pearl shell, ocher, hair (1979.206.1540)
Breastplate (Civanovonovo), early 19th century, Fiji (created by Tongan artists), Whale ivory, pearl shell, fiber (1978.412.746)
Brooch and earrings, 1858–60, Edward Burr (American), Yellow gold, pearls, diamonds, enamel (2000.549a-c)
Brooch, 1868, Tiffany & Company (American), Gold, pearls, black enamel, hair (2000.556)
Brooch, 970–1030, Ottonian (probably northern Italy), Gold with pearls, glass, and cloisonné enamel (17.191.7)
Brooch, ca. 1900, Marcus & Company (American), Gold, peridot, diamonds, pearls, enamel (2001.238)
Brooch, necklace, and hair comb, ca. 1905, Florence Koehler (American), Pearls, enamel, gold (pin only: sapphire, emeralds) (52.43.1-.3)
Burse, first quarter of 18th century, English, Silk, metal thread, pearls, and garnets on silk velvet (64.101.1363)
Cabinet with personifications of the Five Senses, third quarter of 17th century, English, Satin worked with silk and metal thread, purl, chenille, seed pearls, coral beads, and mica; tent knots, rococo, satin, couching, and detached buttonhole stitches, knots; woven metal thread trim; silk and paper lining (29.23.1)
Chasuble, ca. 1330–1350, English, Silk and silver-gilt thread and colored silks in underside couching, split stitch, laid-and-couched work, and raised work, with pearls on velvet (27.162.1)
Crib of the Infant Jesus, 15th century, South Netherlandish; Made in Brabant, Carved and polychromed oak, copper gilt, silver gilt, painted parchment, and silk embroidered with seed pearls, gold thread, tinsel, and translucent enamels (1974.121a–d)
Disk Brooch, 650–725, Frankish; Found in Férebrianges or Petit-Troussy, northern France, Gold sheet with filigree and inlays of garnet, stone, glass, and pearl (17.191.134)
Intaglio, mid 2nd–early 3rd century A.D.; Antonine or Severan, Roman, Jasper, gold mount set with pearls and glass (1994.230.2)
Jewel with gold letters spelling amor, mid-15th century, French, Gold, pearls, diamond, emerald paste (57.26.1)
Miniature secretary incorporating a watch, ca. 1766–72, Signed by James Cox (English), Case: agate, with gold mounts, gilded brass, pearls, and paste jewels set in silver; dial: white enamel (46.184a–c)
Mirror with Jael and Barak, 1672, English, Satin worked with silk and metal thread, beads, purl, mica, seed pearls; detached buttonhole variations, couching, satin, long-and-short, tent, and straight stitches; wood frame, celluloid imitation tortoiseshell, mirror glass, silk, plush (39.13.2a)
A Mother's Pearls (Portraits of the Artist's Children), 1841, Thomas Seir Cummings (American, born England), Watercolor on ivory (28.148.1)
Pair of Bird-Shaped Brooches, 550–600, Frankish, Gold sheet, cloisonné cells inset with garnets, glass, and pearl, garnets backed with patterned foil (17.191.164-165)
Pair of earrings, 11th century, Greater Syria, Gold: fabricated from wire and sheet, decorated with granulation; originally outlined with strung pearls and/or stones (1979.278.2a,b)
Pair of gloves, 1620s, English, Leather; satin worked with silk and metal thread, spangles; long-and-short, satin, detached buttonhole, couching stitches; metal bobbin lace; silk and metal ribbon (64.101.1248,.1249)
Pair of gloves, ca. 1600, English, Leather; satin worked with silk and metal thread, seed pearls; satin, couching, and darning stitches; metal bobbin lace (28.220.7,.8)
Pair of Jeweled Bracelets, 500–700, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Gold, silver, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, glass, quartz, and emerald plasma (17.190.1670, 1671)
Pectoral Cross, 1200–1400, Byzantine, Gold, pearls (2005.38)
Pendant in the form of Neptune and a sea monster, early 17th century, Probably Netherlandish, Baroque pearl with enameled gold mounts set with rubies, diamonds, pearls (1982.60.378)
Pendant, 11th–12th century, Probably Iran, Gold sheet, wire, granulation, and filigree (2007.340)
Pendant, 16th century, Probably Mexico, Crystal, enamel, gold, pearls, boxwood (17.190.886)
Pendant, ca. 1901, René-Jules Lalique (French), French (Paris), Gold, enamel, opal, pearl, diamonds (1991.164)
Plaque with the Journey to Emmaus and the Noli Me Tangere, ca. 1115–1120, Spanish; Made in León, Ivory, traces of gilding (17.190.47)
Rapier of Prince-Elector Christian II of Saxony, 1606, Hilt by Israel Schuech (Dresden); Blade by Juan Martinez (Toledo, Spain), German (Dresden), Steel, bronze-gilt with traces of enamel, paste jewels, cameos, pearls (1970.77)
Reception Room (Qa'a), Ottoman period, 1119 A.H. / 1707 A.D., Damascus, Syria, Poplar wood with gesso relief, gold and tin leaf, glazes and paint; cypress, poplar, walnut, black mulberry, mother-of pearl, marble and other stones, stucco with glass, plaster, ceramic tiles, iron, brass (1970.170)
Saber, 19th century; Ottoman period, Turkish, Steel, gold, diamonds, emeralds, pearls (23.232.2)
Saltcellar, mid-13th century, French; Made in Paris, Gold, rock crystal, emeralds, pearls, spinel or balas rubies (1983.434)
Standing cup, Probably after a design by Reinhold Vasters (German), Jasper, partly enameled gold mounts, set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and pearls (17.190.1703)
Star-Shaped Brooch with Intaglio, setting 960–1000, intaglio 337–361, Ottonian (setting), Byzantine (intaglio), Gold with pearls and star sapphire (1988.15)
Sursanga, 19th century, India, Wood, pearl, ivory (46.34.79)
Tobacco pouch and pipe, 18th century, Japanese, Embossed leather, silver foil, color, gold, freshwater pearl, metal (14.40.843a,b)
"Venus" dress, 1949, Christian Dior (French), Gray silk net embroidered with feather-shaped opalescent sequins, rhinestones, simulated pearls, and paillettes (C.I.53.40.7a-e)
Watch pin, ca. 1900, Riker Brothers (American), Yellow gold, plique-à-jour enamel, diamonds, pearl, ruby (2001.331)
Wedding dress, 1898, House of Worth (French), Silk, pearl (C.I.41.14.1)
Yatagan, ca. 1525–30, Made by the Workshop of Ahmed Tekelü, Turkey (Possibly Iranian, active Istanbul), Steel, walrus ivory, gold, silver, rubies, turquoise, pearl (1993.14)