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Nasrid Art in the Islamic Medieval Period

Islamic Art, Medieval Period, Nasrid Art

Works of Art (10)

Carpet, first half of 15th century, Wool (53.79)
Deep Dish (brasero), ca. 1430, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-enamelled earthenware (56.171.162)
Folio from a Qur'an manuscript, 13th–14th century, Spain, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on parchment (42.63)
Horse Bridle or Belt Ornaments, Gilt copper or copper alloy and cloisonné enamel (17.190.962a-j)
Necklace elements, Nasrid period (1232–1492), probably 15th century, Spain, Gold, cloisonné enamel, filigree, granulation (17.190.161a-j)
Panel, late 13th–mid-14th century, Spain (Granada), Limestone (2011.182)
Parade Helmet in Hispano-Moresque Style, late 15th–early 16th century, Spanish, Steel, gold, silver, cloisonné enamel (1983.413)
Qur'an case, Nasrid period, second half of 15th century, Spain, Leather embroidered with gilt-silver wire (04.3.458)
Textile fragment, 14th century; Nasrid, Spain, Silk, lampas weave (29.22)
Textile fragment, Nasrid period (1232–1492), 14th–15th century, Spain or North Africa, Silk, lampas (46.156.16)