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Mycaenean Art

Greek and Roman Art, Greece, Mycaenean

Works of Art (6)

Chariot krater, ca. 1400–1370 B.C.; Late Helladic IIIA, Helladic (Mycenaean), Terracotta (74.51.964)
Gold kantharos (drinking cup with two high vertical handles), ca. 1550–1500 B.C.; Late Helladic I, Mycenaean, Gold (07.286.126)
Mycenaean chariot krater, first half of 13th century B.C.; Late Helladic IIIB:1, Mycenaean; Found on Cyprus, Terracotta (74.51.966)
Stemmed cup with murex decoration, late 14th century B.C.; Late Helladic IIIA:2, Mycenaean, Terracotta (1972.118.137)
Stirrup jar with octopus, ca. 1200–1100 B.C.; Late Helladic IIIC, Helladic (Mycenaean), Terracotta (53.11.6)
Three female figures, ca.1400–1300 B.C.; Late Helladic IIIA, Mycenaean, Terracotta (35.11.16–.18)