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Architectural tile fragment, 6th century B.C., Lydian; Excavated at Sardis, Terracotta with red and black painted decoration (26.164.1)
Architectural tile with partial inscription, Timurid period (1370–1507), second half of 14th century, Present-day Uzbekistan, Stonepaste, carved and glazed (2006.274)
Bowl in millefiori technique, Abbasid period (750–1258), 9th century, Probably Iraq, Glass, green, opaque yellow, and opaque red mosaic, fused, slumped, ground, and polished, applied foot (2001.266)
Composite mosaic dish, early 1st century A.D., Roman, Glass (59.11.6)
Dado panel, first half of 15th century; Mamluk, Egypt, Polychrome marble mosaic (1970.327.8)
Fragment of a Floor Mosaic with a Personification of Ktisis, 500–550, Byzantine, Marble and glass (1998.69, 1999.99)
Garden Landscape and Fountain, ca. 1905–15, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American); Tiffany Studios, Favrile glass, cement (1976.105)
Inlays and shrine elements, Dynasty 30–Ptolemaic Period, ca. 380–30 B.C., Egyptian, Glass (21.2.2)
Mihrab (prayer niche), Ilkhanid period (1206–1353), A.H. 755 / A.D. 1354–55, Iran, Isfahan, Mosaic of polychrome-glazed cut tiles on stonepaste body set into mortar (39.20)
Mosaic bowls, 1st century B.C., Hellenistic, Glass (17.194.263; 17.194.560)
Mosaic with a Peacock and Flowers, 3rd–4th century, Roman or Byzantine; Probably from North Africa, Tesserae (26.68)
Pair of Earflares, 3rd–7th century, Peru, Moche, Gold, turquoise, sodalite, shell (66.196.40,.41)
Scyphus, Early Imperial, late 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D., Roman, Glass (91.1.2053)
Section of a bathhouse floor, 537/538, Byzantine, Marble, mosaic (40.185)
So-called Antioch Mosaic, second half of 2nd century; Late Antonine, Roman, Mosaic (38.11.12)
Tile mosaic of Isis, Imperial, 2nd century A.D., Roman, Tesserae (45.16.2)