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Brass Instrument

Musical Instrument, Brass

Works of Art (10)

Bugle in C, 1811, Contractor: Thomas Key (British); Silversmith: William Trayls (English), London, Brass (1975.270)
Cor solo, 1829, Dubois & Couturier (French), Lyon, Brass, silver (2008.136)
Cornet à pistons in B-flat, 1833, Courtois frères, Paris, Brass, ivory (2002.190a–n)
Dancing in Colombia, 1980, Fernando Botero (Colombian), Oil on canvas (1983.251)
Fantastic Drawing of a Sculptor at Work on a Colossal Statue, Man Blowing a Trumpet, Carl August Ehrensvärd (Swedish), Pen and brown ink, gray wash, heightened with white, on gray paper (1992.229.1)
Hunting horn, ca. 1710–20, Jacob Schmid (German), Nuremberg, Brass (14.25.1623)
Keyed bugle, ca. 1835–50, Graves and Company, Winchester, New Hampshire, Copper, nickel-silver, other materials (89.4.2326)
Natural Trumpet, late 17th century, Johann Wilhelm Haas (Swiss), Nürnberg, Germany, Brass (89.4.2375)
Over-the-shoulder bugle, ca. 1860, John F. Stratton (American), New York, Nickel-silver (89.4.2295)
Rag-dung, Ming dynasty, early 17th century, China, Copper, cloisonné, brass (1989.33) and (1988.349)