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Silver from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Metalwork, Silver, Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Works of Art (9)

Center table, ca. 1780–85, Russia (Tula, Imperial Armory), Steel, silver, gilded copper, gilded brass, basswood, mirror glass (replacement) (2002.115)
Ewer and basin (lavabo set), ca. 1680–85, Moldavia (Chisinau), most likely court workshop, Partially gilded silver (2005.62.1,.2a,b)
Pair of Brooches, 400–600, Ostrogothic, found in Kerch, Ukraine, Copper alloy overlaid with silver (98.11.107-8)
Pair of wine coolers, 1766, Zacharias Deichman the Elder, Russian; Saint Petersburg, Silver (1981.367.1,.2)
Sword, 10th century, European (possibly Scandinavian), Steel, copper, silver (55.46.1)
Table snuffbox, ca. 1745–50, Russian; Probably region of Velikiy Ustyg, Partially polished green turban snail; gilded, matted, punched, and engraved silver; niello (1995.327)
Tankard, ca. 1700, By Johann Berend (Livonian), Silver, partly gilt (32.75.84)
Tea and coffee service, 1773, Johan Henrik Blom (Finnish), Russian; Saint Petersburg, Parcel-gilt silver, enamel, ebonized fruitwood (47.51.1–.5)
Terminal for an Open-Ring Brooch, ca. 950, Viking; Perhaps from Eketorp, Sweden, Silver with gold and niello inlays (2000.140)

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