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Bronze from Central and North Asia

Metalwork, Bronze, Central and North Asia

Works of Art (8)

Asymmetrical wine container (hu), 8th century B.C., North central China, Bronze (49.135.9 a)
Belt buckle, Xiongnu type, 3rd–2nd century B.C., North China, Gilt bronze (18.33.1)
Belt plaque with three ibexes, Xiongnu type, 2nd–1st century B.C., Northwest China, Bronze (28.68.4)
Bow-shaped fitting, 13th–10th century B.C., Northwest China, Bronze (26.203.2)
Knife, 12th–11th century B.C., Northwest China, Bronze inlaid with turquoise (49.136.9)
Ritual basin, 7th–9th century, Pakistan (ancient region of Gandhara) or Central Asia, Bronze (1987.218.6)
Short sword (duan jian), ca. 4th–1st century B.C., Eastern Central Asia, Steel, bronze, and gold (1998.418)
Two chariot yoke ornaments in the shape of does, 5th–4th century B.C., North China, Bronze (1985.214.88-89)

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