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Bronze from East Asia

Metalwork, Bronze, East Asia

Works of Art (26)

Altar Set, Shang and Western Zhou dynasties, late 11th century B.C., China, Bronze (24.72.1–14)
Altarpiece dedicated to Buddha Maitreya (Mile), Northern Wei dynasty, dated 524, China, Gilt bronze (38.158.1a–n)
Bell (dotaku), late Yayoi period, 1st–2nd century, Japan, Bronze (18.68)
Bell, Eastern Zhou dynasty, late Spring and Autumn period, early 5th century B.C., China, Bronze (1988.20.7)
Bottle (kundika), Goryeo dynasty, 10th century, Korea, Bronze (23.115)
Buddha Maitreya (Mile), Northern Wei dynasty, dated 486, China, Gilt bronze with traces of pigment, piece-mold cast (26.123)
Buddha, probably Vairochana (Piluzhena), Liao dynasty, early 11th century, China, Gilt bronze (2006.284)
Inrô with design of sea foam, 19th century, Shibata Zeshin (Japanese), after a design by Ogata Kôrin (Japanese), Gold lacquer, pewter inlay (36.100.249)
Knife, 8th century B.C., Northeast China or southeast Inner Mongolia, Bronze (24.216.1)
Ladle with dragon handle, Three Kingdoms period, 3rd century, China, Gilt bronze (1994.605.90)
Laozi, Tang dynasty or Northern Song dynasty, 8th–11th century, China, Bronze (42.25.19)
Mirror with decoration of figures in a landscape, Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), Korea, Bronze (25.219.4)
Nao (bell), Shang dynasty (ca. 1600–1046 B.C.), China, Bronze (49.136.10)
Netsuke: Crab on a decaying lotus leaf, 19th century, Japanese, Ivory, copper alloy, gold (91.1.940)
Netsuke: Goose and swallow, 19th century, Japanese, Ivory, metal alloy, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell (10.211.1276)
Pair of covered ritual wine containers (hu), late Western Zhou dynasty, late 9th–early 8th century B.C., China, Bronze (1988.20.4a,b-5a,b)
Rafter finial in the shape of a dragon's head and wind chime, Koryô dynasty (918–1392), 10th century,Korea, Gilt bronze (1999.263ab)
Ritual food container (dui), Eastern Zhou dynasty, ca. 4th century B.C., China, Bronze inlaid with composition of bone black and lacquer (2006.117a,b)
Spouted ritual wine vessel (guang), Shang dynasty, early Anyang period, 13th century B.C., Possibly Anyang, Henan Province, China, Bronze (43.25.4)
Standing Buddha, Unified Silla dynasty, 8th century, Korea, Gilt bronze (12.37.136)
Swords, with scabbard mounts, Sui dynasty, ca. 600, Chinese, Iron, gilt bronze, silver, wood (30.65.2)
Wine container (hu), Eastern Zhou dynasty, Spring and Autumn period, early 5th century B.C., China, Bronze inlaid with copper (1999.46ab)
Yunluo ("cloud gong"), Qing dynasty, 19th century, China, Bronze (89.4.15a)
Zaō Gongen, Heian period, 11th century, Japan, Gilt bronze (1975.268.155)
Zhong (bell), Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period (5th–3rd century B.C.), China, Bronze (13.220.86)