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Pop Art in Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary Art, Pop Art

Works of Art (9)

Flag, 1957, Jasper Johns (American), Oil on paper, mounted on paperboard (1999.425)
Flags, 1968, Jasper Johns (American), Lithograph with stamps (69.701.2)
Henry, Seventh Avenue, 1972, David Hockney (British), Colored crayon on paper (1979.546)
Palindrome, 1974, Richard Hamilton (British), Lenticular acrylic laminated on color collotype with pasted paper sticker (2000.382)
Prize, 1964, Robert Rauschenberg (American), Lithograph (66.592.35)
The Seasons (Summer), 1987, Jasper Johns (American), Etching with aquatint (1999.407b)
Tanya, 1974, Robert Rauschenberg (American), Lithograph (1974.657.3)
Vegetarian Vegetable from Campbell's Soup II, 1969, Andy Warhol (American), Screenprint (1972.724.3)
White Flag, 1955, Jasper Johns (American), Encaustic, oil, newsprint, and charcoal on canvas (1998.329)