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Bust of Marie de France, ca. 1381, Jean de Liège (Franco-Netherlandish, Île-de-France, Saint-Denis, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, Chapel of Notre-Dame-la-Blanche, Marble, lead insets, traces of polychromy (41.100.132)
Head of an Angel, ca. 1250, France, Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral (?), Limestone (1990.132)
Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, ca. 1408–10, Lorenzo Monaco (Piero di Giovanni) (Italian, Florentine), Tempera on wood, gold ground (65.14.1–.4)
Adoration of the Magi (Detail), ca. 1390, Austrian; From the Schlosskapelle, Ebreichsdorf, Austria, Pot-metal and colorless glass with silver stain and vitreous paint (1986.285.1,2)
Altar Angels, late 13th century, French, Oak with traces of polychromy (52.33.1,2)
Altarpiece, ca. 1390–1400, Baldassare degli Embriachi (Italian), Northern Italian, Bone framed with intarsia and horn, traces of paint and gilding (17.190.489)
Aquamanile in the Form of a Cock, 13th century, German (Lower Saxony), Copper alloy (1989.292)
Aquamanile in the Form of Aristotle and Phyllis, late 14th century, South Lowlands, Copper alloy (1975.1.1416)
Baptism of Christ, ca. 1480–1490, Pupil of Veit Stoss, Cracow, Lindenwood (12.130.1)
Beaker ("Monkey Cup"), ca. 1425–1450, South Netherlandish; Made in Burgundian Territories, Silver, silver-gilt, painted enamel (52.50)
Belles Heures of Jean of France, Duke of Berry, 1405–1408/9, Herman, Paul, and Jean Limbourg (Franco-Netherlandish), French; Made in Paris, Ink, tempera, and gold leaf on vellum (54.1.1)

Bifolium, from a Manuscript of the Decretals of Gratian, ca. 1290, French; Paris, Tempera and gold leaf with brown ink on parchment (1990.217)
Box with Aristotle and Phyllis, 14th century, French; Made in Paris ca. 1310-30, Ivory (17.190.173ab, 1988.16)
Censer, before 1477, Basel, Silver, raised and cast (17.190.360)
Chasuble, ca. 1330–1350, English, Silk and silver-gilt thread and colored silks in underside couching, split stitch, laid-and-couched work, and raised work, with pearls on velvet (27.162.1)
Chess Piece in the Form of a Knight, ca. 1250, English, Walrus ivory (17.190.231)
Column Figure of a King, ca. 1150–1170, French; From the abbey of Saint-Denis, Limestone (20.157)
Corbel with Five Interlaced Hair-Pulling Acrobats, second half of 12th century, Aquitaine, France, Limestone (34.21.2)
Corpus of Christ, ca. 1250, French; Possibly made in Paris, Elephant ivory, traces of paint (1978.521.3)
Crozier Head, ca. 1350, French, Ivory (17.190.164)
The Crucified Christ, ca. 1300, Walrus ivory with traces of paint and gilding (2005.274)
Crucifixion, part of an altarpiece wing, ca. 1400, Master of the Berswordt Altar (German, Westphalian), Tempera and gold on wood (43.161)
Dead Christ with the Virgin, Saint John, and Angels, ca. 1390–1405, French (Paris), Opaque and translucent enamel on gold (17.190.913)
Diptych with Scenes from Christ's Passion, ca. 1350–75, French (Paris?), Ivory with metal mounts (50.195)
Diptych with Scenes of the Annunciation, Nativity, Crucifixion, and Resurrection, 1300–1325, German; Made in Cologne (possibly), Rhine valley, silver gilt with translucent and opaque enamels (1980.366)
Diptych with Scenes of the Life of Christ and the Virgin, Saint Michael, John the Baptist, Thomas Becket, and the Trinity, ca. 1350, Carved in Cologne, Germany, Ivory (1970.324.8a,b)
Diptych with the Last Judgment and Coronation of the Virgin, ca. 1250–1270, French; Paris, Elephant ivory (1970.324.7a–b)
Doorway from Moutiers-Saint-Jean, ca. 1250, French, Limestone with traces of polychromy (32.147)
Doorway, mid-12th century, French, Touraine; from the Church of Saint-Sulpice at Coulangé, near Tours, Limestone (25.120.878)
Double Cup, ca. 1300–1350, Germany or Bohemia, Silver and gilt-silver with applied opaque enamel (1983.125a,b)
Enthroned Virgin and Child, 1210–1220, Said to be from the priory of Oignies, Belgium, Oak with traces of paint (41.190.283)
Enthroned Virgin and Child, ca. 1260–1280, French; Paris, Elephant ivory with traces of paint and gilding (1999.208)
Enthroned Virgin and Child, ca. 1300, England (probably London), Elephant ivory (1979.402)
Entombment of Christ, ca. 1390–1405, French (Paris), Opaque and translucent enamel on gold (1982.60.398)
Foliate Ornament, ca. 1470, Master W with the Key (Netherlandish), Engraving (29.16.1)
Head of Joseph, ca. 1230, France; Chartres, Limestone with traces of polychrome (2007.143)
Head of King David, ca. 1145, France, Paris, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, south portal of west facade (Saint Anne Portal), Limestone (38.180)
Heroes Tapestry, ca. 1400–1410, South Netherlandish, Wool warp, wool wefts (32.130.3b, 47.101.1, 47.152)
The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux, ca. 1324–28, Jean Pucelle (French, active in Paris), Made in Paris, Grisaille and tempera on vellum (54.1.2)

Initial R, with the Annunciation, from a Gradual, ca. 1300, German; Probably made at the convent of Sankt Katharinenthal, Lake Constance, Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (1982.175)
Lancet Windows, ca. 1250–1300, French, Normandy, Limestone (35.143.1–.3)
Leaf from a Manuscript of Valerius Maximus, ca. 1380, French, Made in Paris,, Parchment, tempera, ink, gold leaf (31.134.8)
Leaf from a Missal, ca. 1290, Northeast French; Beauvais (?), Tempera and gold leaf, on parchment (1992.238)
Leaf from the Hours of Étienne Chevalier: The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against Demons, ca. 1452–60, Jean Fouquet (French), Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (1975.1.2490)
Lion from a Frieze, after 1200, Spanish; Made in Burgos, Castile-León, Fresco, mounted on canvas (31.38.1a)
Man of Sorrows, ca. 1500, South German, Ivory with paint (1999.227)
Manuscript Leaf from a Psalter: Agony in the Garden and Betrayal of Christ, ca. 1270, English, Vellum, tempera, ink, metal leaf (22.24.4)
Mirror Back with Falconing Party, 1350–1375, French; Possibly made in Paris, Elephant ivory (41.100.160)
Mourner, ca. 1453, Étienne Bobillet (Franco-Netherlandish); Paul de Mosselman (Franco-Netherlandish), French, Alabaster (17.190.386,389)
Pendant Medallion with the Last Judgment, ca. 1420, French (Paris?), Ivory, paint, silver-gilt mount (17.190.894)
Philip VI, Jeanne de Bourgogne, and Jean de France in Prayer, ca. 1340–1350, French, Marble (17.190.387,388,392)
Plaque with the Descent from the Cross, ca. 1320–40, French; probably Paris, Elephant ivory glued to a whalebone plaque with traces of paint and gilding (17.190.199)
Polyptych with Scenes from Christ's Passion, ca. 1350, French or German, Ivory, paint, and gilding with metal mounts (17.190.205)
Prophet, ca. 1390–1410, French (Bourges or Burgundy) or South Lowlands, Colorless glass, silver stain, and vitreous paint (1995.301)
Psalter and Hours of Bonne de Luxembourg, Duchess of Normandy, before 1349, Probably Jean Le Noir, his daughter Bourgot, and his workshop, French (Paris), Tempera, grisaille, ink, and gold leaf on vellum (69.86)
Reliquary Bust of Saint Juliana, ca. 1376, Circle of Giovanni di Bartolo (Italian, Sienese), Italian, Copper, gilding, gesso, and tempera paint (61.266)
Reliquary Bust of Saint Yrieix, second quarter of 13th century, France, Limousin, Church of Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, Gilded silver, rock crystal, gems, glass, originally over walnut core with silver leaf and gesso on interior (17.190.352a,b)
Reliquary Cross, ca. 1180, Made in Limoges, France, Silver gilt, rock crystal, glass cabochons; wood core (2002.18)
Rosary Bead, early 16th century, South Netherlandish (Brabant), Boxwood (17.190.475)
Saddle, ca. 1400–1420, Central Europe, perhaps Bohemia, Staghorn, lindenwood, rawhide, birchbark, paint (40.66)

Saint Anthony Abbot, ca. 1500, Attributed to Niclaus of Haguenau (German), German; Made in Strasbourg, Upper Rhine Valley, Walnut (1988.159)
Saint Catherine of Alexandria, early 15th century, French, Gold, ronde-basse enamel, jewels (17.190.905)
Saint Giles with Christ Triumphant over Satan and the Mission of the Apostles, part of an altarpiece, 1420s, Miguel Alcañiz (or Alcanyis) (Spanish, Valencian), Tempera on wood, gold ground (76.10)
Saltcellar, mid-13th century, French; Made in Paris, Gold, rock crystal, emeralds, pearls, spinel or balas rubies (1983.434)
Scenes from the Passion of Saint Vincent of Saragossa and the History of His Relics, 1244–1247, French; From the Church of St. Germain-des-Prés, Paris, Pot-metal glass with vitreous paint (24.167a–k)
Scenes from The Story of the Trojan War: The Battle with the Sagittary and the Conference at Achilles' Tent; Andromache and Priam Urging Hector Not to Go to War, 1470–1490, South Netherlands, probably produced through Pasquier Grenier of Tournai, Wool warp; wool wefts with a few silk wefts (52.69, 39.74)
Standing Bishop, 1508–12, Hans von Reutlingen or Workshop, Germany (Aachen), Silver, gilt silver (1987.217)
Standing Virgin and Child, ca. 1470, Attributed to Nikolaus Gerhaert von Leiden (Northern Lowlands), Vienna, Boxwood (1996.14)
Support Figure of a Seated Cleric or Friar, ca. 1280, Northeastern France, Copper alloy with mercury gilding (1991.252)
Tabernacle of Cherves, ca. 1220–1230, French; Made in Limoges, Gilded copper and champlevé enamel (17.190.735)
Tabernacle or Folding Shrine, 14th century, French, Ivory with metal mounts (17.190.201)
Tapestry Fragment With King Arthur (with 32.130.3ab), ca. 1400–1410, South Netherlandish, Wool warp, wool wefts (47.101.4)
Tapestry with the Annunciation, ca. 1410–1430, South Netherlandish, Wool warp, wool with a few metallic wefts (45.76)
Tomb Effigy of Jean d'Alluye, mid-13th century, French; Made in Loire Valley, Limestone (25.120.201)
Triptych with Scenes from the Passion, ca. 1400–1420, French; Made in Paris, Silver, partially gilt (17.190.369)
Triptych, ca. 1250–75, North French; possibly Paris, Ivory, paint, gilding with metal mounts (17.190.279a–e)
Two Leaves from a Book of Hours, Representing the Annunciation, 1465, Master of Charles of France, French (Bourges), Tempera and gold leaf on vellum (58.71a,b)
Unicorn in Captivity, ca. 1495–1505, South Netherlandish, Wool warp, wool, silk, silver, and gilt wefts (37.80.6)
The Unicorn is Attacked, Tapestry, ca. 1495–1505, South Netherlandish, Wool warp, wool, silk, silver, gilt wefts (37.80.3)
Virgin and Child, ca. 1420 Attributed to Claus de Werve (Franco-Netherlandish), French; Made in Poligny, Burgundy, Limestone, polychromy, gilding (33.23)
Virgin, ca. 1250, Alsace, Strasbourg (modern France), Sandstone with original paint and gilding (47.101.11)
Visored sallet, ca. 1470–85, Hans Blarer the Younger, German/Swiss (Basel), Steel (29.158.11)