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Geometric Abstraction

Modern and Contemporary Art, Abstract Art, Geometric Abstraction

Works of Art (15)

Abstraction, Twin Lakes, Connecticut, 1916, Paul Strand (American), Silver-platinum print (1987.1100.10)
The Bargeman, 1918, Fernand Léger (French), Oil on canvas (1999.363.35)
[Geometric Backyards, New York], 1917, Paul Strand (American), Platinum print (1987.1100.12)
Homage to the Square: Soft Spoken, 1969, Josef Albers (American, born Germany), Oil on Masonite (1972.40.7)
Homage to the Square: With Rays, 1959, Josef Albers (American, born Germany), Oil on Masonite (59.160)
Large Blue Horizontal, 1975, Ilya Bolotowsky (American), Acrylic on canvas (1976.182)
Mechanical Elements, 1920, Fernand Léger (French), Oil on canvas (1999.363.36)
"Mondrian" day dress, autumn 1965, Yves Saint Laurent (French, born Algeria), Wool jersey in color blocks of white, red, blue, black, and yellow (C.I.69.23)
New York, Number 18, 1938, Charles Biederman (American), Painted wood and plastic (1980.419)
Relational Painting No. 64, 1953, Fritz Glarner (American, born Switzerland) Oil on canvas (1983.579)
Relief Rhythm, 1966, Yaacov Agam (Israeli, born Palestine), Painted wood (1991.402.3)
Second Theme, 1949, Burgoyne Diller (American), Oil on canvas (1991.402.7)
Standing Figure, 1936, Jean Hélion (French), Oil on canvas (1982.148.1)
Static-Dynamic Gradation, 1923, Paul Klee (German, Oil and gouache on paper, bordered with gouache, watercolor, and ink (1987.455.12)
Vertical and Diagonal Planes, ca. 1913–14, Frantisek Kupka (Czech), Oil on canvas (1971.111)