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Avant-Garde in Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary Art, Avant-Garde

Works of Art (17)

The Accommodations of Desire, 1929, Salvador Dali (Spanish), Oil and cut-and-pasted printed paper on cardboard (1999.363.16)
The Barbarians, 1937, Max Ernst (French, born Germany), Oil on cardboard (1999.363.21)
Berlin Street, 1931, George Grosz (American, born Germany), Oil on canvas (63.220)
The Blind Man's Meal, 1903, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Oil on canvas (50.188)
Bottle and Wine Glass on a Table, 1912, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Charcoal, ink, cut and pasted newspaper, and graphite on paper (49.70.33)
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Green Box), September 1934, Marcel Duchamp (French), Box containing collotype reproductions on various papers (2002.42a–vvvv)
The Businessman Max Roesberg, Dresden, 1922, Otto Dix (German), Oil on canvas (1992.146)
Der Sinn des Hitlergrusses: Kleiner Mann bittet um grosse Gaben. Motto: Millonen Stehen Hinter Mir! [The Meaning of the Hitler Salute: Little man asks for big gifts. Motto: Millions Stand Behind Me!], 1932, John Heartfield (German), Photomechanical reproduction (1987.1125.8)
Faun with Stars, 1955, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Oil on canvas (1970.305)
Gertrude Stein, 1906, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Oil on canvas (47.106),
Head of a Woman, 1960, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Oil on canvas (1990.192)
Here, This Is Stieglitz Here, 1915, Francis Picabia (French), Pen, brush and ink, and cut and pasted printed papers on paperboard (49.70.14)
Madonna, 1958, Salvador Dali (Spanish), Oil on canvas (1987.465)
Man with Hat and a Violin, 1912, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Cut and pasted newspaper, and charcoal, on two joined sheets of paper (1999.363.64)
Standing Female Nude, 1910, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Charcoal on paper (49.70.34)
Still Life with a Bottle of Rum, Summer 1911, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Oil on canvas (1999.363.63)
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913, Umberto Boccioni (Italian), Bronze (1990.38.3)