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Altarpiece, ca. 1390–1400, Baldassare degli Embriachi (Italian), Northern Italian, Bone framed with intarsia and horn, traces of paint and gilding (17.190.489)
Belt Buckle, 550–600, Visigothic, Copper alloy, cells inset with garnets, glass, lapis lazuli, and cuttlefish bone (1988.305 ab)
Bone figurine with articulated arms and legs, 3rd century B.C., Greek (11.212.43)
Bucranium, Egyptian Second Intermediate Period, ca. 1640–1550 B.C., Medjayu (Pan-Grave), Bone and horn painted with red, black, and white (16.2.23)
Bursa Reliquary, early 900s, North Italian, Bone, copper-gilt, wood (53.19.2)
Cabinet, ca. 1640–50, Attributed to Herman Doomer (Dutch), Oak veneered with ebony, snakewood, rosewood, kingwood, cedar and other woods, mother of pearl, ivory, green stained bone (2011.181)
Casket with Warriors and Dancers, carved 11th century, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Bone, copper gilt (17.190.239)
Casket with Warriors and Mythological Figures, 900–1100, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Bone plaques and ornamental strips over wood; silver lock plate (17.190.237)
Container for Holy Oils, carved 500–700, Northeastern France, Bone decorated with engraving and pigment (65.68.2)
Corset, late 1760s, French, Silk, linen, leather, wood, baleen (C.I.50.8.2)
Couch and footstool with bone carvings and glass inlays, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman, Wood, bone, glass (17.190.2076)
Elephant, Late Naqada II (ca. 3650–3300 B.C.), Egyptian, Serpentine, bone (59.101.1)
Evening dress, winter 1978, Missoni (Italian), Gold, bone, rust, and black silk knit with gold Lurex floating threads (1984.589.5a,b)
Flintlock Gun, ca. 1620, Made by Pierre Le Bourgeois (died 1627), French (Lisieux), Steel, chiseled, blued, and gilded; wood, inlaid with silver, brass, and engraved mother-of-pearl; brass-gilt (1972.223)
Guitar, ca. 1630–50, Attributed to Matteo Sellas (Italian), Venice, Wood, bone, various materials (1990.103)
Hardanger Fiddle, 1756, Isak N. Botnen/Skår (Norwegian) and Trond Isaksen Flatebø (Norwegian), Pine, birch, and other woods, bone, lignum vitae and mother-of-pearl inlay (46.34.7)
Headdress, 19th–20th century, Ejagham peoples; Nigeria, lower Cross River, Wood, hide, metal, bone, paint (1979.206.266)
Kamanche, ca. 1880, Iran (Tehran), Wood, metal, bone, gut (1998.72)
Liubo board and pieces, Han dynasty, 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D., China, probably Luoyang, Henan Province, Earthenware with pigment, bone (1994.285a–m)
Longcase Clock, probably ca. 1675–78, Movement by Thomas Tompion (English), Case: oak, veneered with oystershell-cut olivewood and marquetry panels of green-stained bone, ivory, and various woods, gilt-brass mounts; Dial: brass, partly gilded and partly silvered; Movement: brass and steel (1999.48.2)
Male Figure (Moai Tangata), early 19th century, Rapa Nui people, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Wood, obsidian, bone (1984.526)
Needles, hooks, and harpoon, Final Jomon period (ca. 1000–300 B.C.), Japan, Bone (1975.268.327, 337, 341, 343, 345)
Pandharpuri tambura, 19th century, India, Gourd, wood, bone, ivory (1994.498)
Panel, Marquetry, second half of 8th century; Abbasid, Egypt, Fig wood and bone (37.103)
Pendant Mask, 13th–15th century, Dominican Republic; Taino, Bone (1997.35.1)
Pipa, 19th century, Made by Jiu-cheng, Guangzhou (Canton), China, Wood, ivory, bone, gut (89.4.52)
Pipa, Ming dynasty (1368–1644), late 15th–early 16th century, China, Wood, ivory, bone, silk (50.145.74)
Plaque with the Descent from the Cross, ca. 1320–40, French; probably Paris, Elephant ivory glued to a whalebone plaque with traces of paint and gilding (17.190.199)
Plaques with Scenes from the Story of Joshua, 10th century, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Ivory, traces of polychromy, gilding; bone (border strips) (17.190.137a-c)
Reliquary (?) with scenes from the life of the Buddha, ca. 10th century, India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir) or Pakistan, Bone with traces of color and gold paint (1985.392.1)
Sitar, 1997, Made by Murari Adhikari, Calcutta, India, Teak, ebony, metal, bone, various materials (1999.399)
Sitar, late 19th century, India, Wood, ivory, metal (89.4.1586)
Spotted feline, 1st century B.C.–4th century A.D., Ecuador; Tolita/Tumaco, Bone (1980.34.22)
Tambura, 20th century, India, Gourd, wood, bone, ivory, steel (1986.470a)
Tanjore tambura (male), early 19th century, India, Gourd, wood, metal, bone (2008.141.2a,b)