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Ankle-strap sandal, 1938, Designed by Salvatore Ferragamo (Italian, Leather, cork, metal (1973.282.2)
Armchair, ca. 1850, Chair frame by firm of Joseph-Pierre-François Jeanselme (French); upholstery by firm of Jacques-Michel Dulud, Carved rosewood, leather, silk, serge (1995.164)
Armor (yoroi), Late Kamakura period, early 14th century, Japanese, Lacquered iron and leather, silk, stenciled leather, copper-gilt (14.100.121)
Armor for Heavy Cavalry, ca. 1600, French, Steel, etched and gilt; leather; textile (27.177.1,2)
Armor of heavy cavalry, ca. 1610–20, Italian (Milan or Brescia), Steel, gold, leather, and textile (2002.130a–p)
Armors for Man and Horse, dated 1548, Kunz Lochner (German), German (Nuremberg), Etched steel, leather (29.151.2. 32.69)
The Artist's Portfolio, Pont-Aven, 1894, Paul Gauguin (French), Two inside covers decorated in watercolor and gouache, over charcoal, with graphite; outer cover bound in leather, inscribed in pen and ink (2000.255)
Beaded Belts, 19th–20th century, South Africa; Zulu peoples, Cloth, glass beads, leather, metal (1999.47.102), Fiber, glass beads, brass beads, leather, basketry, cloth (1984.512.4)
Bible, ca. 1250–1275, French; Paris, Tempera and gold leaf on parchment; leather binding (1997.320)
Binding for a Qur'an, late 16th century, Iran, Leather binding, stamped, cut, and gilt with turquoise insets (56.222)
Binding: From a manuscript of the Mantiq al-Tayr (The Language of the Birds) of Farid al-Din cAttar, ca. 1600; Safavid, Iran (Isfahan), Tooled and stamped leather on paper, gold, opaque watercolor (63.210.67)
Book cover for California and Alaska, and Over the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1890, Designer: Alice C. Morse (American, 1863–1961); author: William Seward Webb (American); publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York and London, Dark brown leather over boards with gold stamping (56.522.104)
Boot, autumn/winter 1967, Designed by Pierre Cardin (French), Leather, metal (1977.25.16c,d)
Bow case and quiver, 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Leather, shellac, wood, iron, and gold (2003.344a–c)
Breast defense (peytral) and detail of a pair of neck defenses (crinet) from a horse armor, 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Leather, iron, brass or copper alloy, gold, shellac, pigments, textile, and hair (1997.242a–c)
Breast defense (peytral) from a horse armor, 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Leather, iron, brass or copper alloy, silver, gold, shellac, pigments, textile, and hair (1999.36)
Bridle, 15th–17th century, Tibetan, Iron, leather, and gold (2005.73a)
Bridle, 15th–17th century, Tibetan, Leather, iron, and gold (1998.282)
Cabinet, 1861, Philip Webb (British), Designer; Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., Maker; Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (British), Painter, Made in England, Painted pine, oil paint on leather, brass, copper (26.54)
Case (étui) with an amorous inscription, 1450–1500, Italy, Leather (cuir bouilli) over a wooden core, red cord (50.53.1)
Cavalry armor, 18th–19th century, Tibetan, and possibly Bhutanese and Nepalese, Iron, gold, copper alloy, wood, leather, and textile (36.25.25, .28, .351, .476, .583a–c,h–k, .842a–c, .2174, .2461, .2505, .2557, 1974.160.10 ,1970.164.7a,b)
Cavalry Helmet (Zischägge), ca. 1630–40, German, Steel, gold, brass, leather, textile (14.25.611)
Chair, 19th–20th century, Chokwe peoples; Angola, Wood, brass, tacks, leather (1978.412.619)
Chegah-Skah-Hdah, 19th century, Sioux, Plain States, Wood, metal, leather (89.4.597)
Child's booties, 1876–77, Possibly English, Leather, silk, glass (C.I.40.68.9a,b)
Chopines, ca. 1600, Venice, Leather, silk, and wood (1973.114.4a,b)
Coat, ca. 1919, Paul Poiret (French), Black silk and wool blend with white leather appliqués and white fur trim (C.I.61.40.4)
Coffer, 15th century, Italy; Siena (?), Walnut, leather, gesso, painted and gilded (41.100.188)
Corset, late 1760s, French, Silk, linen, leather, wood, baleen (C.I.50.8.2)
Courting Flute, ca. 1850–1900, Sioux, Great Plains, Red pipestone (catlinite), lead, Native-tanned leather (89.4.3371)
Denim boots, 1973, Designed by Leila Lamon and Stephan Bruce for Golo, American, Cotton, leather (1977.333.51a,b)
"Egg" armchair, 1957, Arne Jacobsen (Danish); Manufacturer: Fritz Hansens Eft. A/S, Ox hide, plastic, aluminum (61.7.46)
Ensemble, ca. 1999, Prada (Italian), Brown and white faux tweed checked cotton with brown leather trim (2002.561.1a–d)
Ensemble, spring/summer 1999, Alexander McQueen (British), Bodice of balsa wood and cream leather, trousers of cream pinstriped wool and cream silk lace (2011.170a,b)
Evening ensemble, fall 1964, Bonnie Cashin (American), Turquoise suede and blue, turquoise, and green striped wool mohair (1979.431.50a,b)
Evening pump, 1961, Designed by Roger Vivier (French), Leather, silk, glass, plastic, metal, metallic thread (1980.597.4)
Forearm guard for the left arm, possibly 15th–16th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Leather, shellac, gold, and pigments (2005.301.2)
Four Gospels in Armenian, 1434–35, Attributed to Khach'atur of Khizan (Armenian), Armenia, Tempera and gold leaf on paper, stamped leather binding (2010.108)
The Groenendaal Passion, late 15th century, Twelve engravings by Israhel van Meckenem (German), two touched with gold; one hand-colored woodcut, Netherlandish School, 15th century; one hand-colored metalcut, Cologne School, 15th century; and 32 leaves of manuscript text in Dutch and Latin in brown ink with initials in red, bound in Netherlandish blind-stamped leather (2003.476)
Half-shaffron, ca. 1570–80, Italian (probably Milan), Steel, gold, brass, leather, hemp (14.25.1666)
Head defense for a horse (shaffron), 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Iron, leather, and brass or copper alloy (1997.242d)
Head defense for a horse (shaffron), 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Iron, leather, gold, brass or copper alloy, and textile (2004.402)
Headdress, 19th–20th century, Ejagham peoples; Nigeria, lower Cross River, Wood, hide, metal, bone, paint (1979.206.266)
Helmet (Suji Kabuto), Muromachi period, 15th century, Japan, Lacquered iron, silk, stenciled leather, gilt copper (13.112.10)
Hours of Francis I, 1539–40, Master of François de Rohan (French), Illuminated manuscript on parchment, bound in leather with gilt (2011.353)
Hungarian-style Shield, ca. 1500–1550, Eastern European, Wood, leather, gesso, polychromy (49.57.1)
Hunting Sword, ca. 1740–50, Ivory grip attributed to Joseph Deutschmann, German (possibly Munich), Steel, silver-gilt, ivory, leather (26.145.243)
Hunting sword, ca. 1825, Emanuel Pioté (Austrian); Jacob H. Köchert (Austrian), Steel, gold, enamel, agate, wood, leather (48.26)
Infantry shield (pavise), ca. 1450, Bohemian, possibly Chomutov (now Czech Republic), Wood, leather, gesso, silver foil, polychromy (29.158.595)
Jaharis Lectionary, ca. 1100, Byzantine (Constantinople), Tempera, ink, and gold leaf on parchment, leather binding (2007.286)
Khamsa (Quintet) of Nizami, Safavid period (1501–1722), 1509–1510, Iran, Shiraz, Leather; tooled and gilded; ink on paper (13.228.6)
Kitab suwar al-kawakib al-thabita (Book of the Images of the Fixed Stars) of al-Sufi, Timurid period, probably 15th century, Iran, Main support: ink and gold on paper; binding: leather (13.160.10)
Kora (Harp-Lute), ca. 1960, Made by Mamadou Kouyaté Senegambia, Gourd, wood, leather, metal (1975.59)
Lamellar armor and helmet, possibly 16th–17th century, Tibetan, Iron and leather (36.25.53a,b)
Leather Panel (Allegory of Music), ca. 1570–90, Northern France, Blind-stamped, embossed, molded, and incised leather on later wooden mount (2006.71)
Leather peytral and crupper plates, early 16th century, Possibly Flemish or German, Hardened leather, gesso, pigment (26.235.1–.3)
Library table, ca. 1906, Gustav Stickley (American); Craftsman Workshops, Syracuse, New York, Oak, leather (1976.389.1)
Matchlock musket, 19th century, Tibetan, Iron, wood, leather, brass, and copper (36.25.2174)
Mechanical game table, ca. 1780–83, David Roentgen (German), Germany; Neuwied, Partially stained oak, mahogany, maple, and fruitwood, felt, partially tooled and gilded leather, iron and steel fittings, brass (2007.42.1,2)
Mrdangam, 20th century, India, Wood, leather, tuning paste (1986.467.18)
Mule, 1600–1625, British, Leather, silk, metallic threads (29.23.11)
Musette, end of 17th century, French, Ivory, silver, leather, silk, wood, and paper (2003.63a–d)
Musical clock with spinet and organ, ca. 1625, Veit Langenbucher (German); Samuel Bidermann (German), Augsburg, Germany, Ebony, various wood and metals, wire, parchment, leather (2002.323a–f)
Page from an Album of Calligraphies of Prophetic Traditions (Hadith), ca. 1500; Ottoman, Signed by Hamdullah ibn Mustafa Dede, Turkey (Istanbul), Ink, colors, and gold on paper; marbled paper, leather binding (1982.120.3)
Pair of gloves, 1620–40, English or Dutch, Leather; silk worked with silk and metal thread, spangles; long-and-short, satin, knots, and couching stitches; metal bobbin lace (28.220.3,.4)
Pair of gloves, 1620s, English, Leather; satin worked with silk and metal thread, spangles; long-and-short, satin, detached buttonhole, couching stitches; metal bobbin lace; silk and metal ribbon (64.101.1248,.1249)
Pair of gloves, ca. 1600, English, Leather; satin worked with silk and metal thread, seed pearls; satin, couching, and darning stitches; metal bobbin lace (28.220.7,.8)
Pair of gloves, first half of 17th century, English, Leather; canvas worked with silk and metal thread; tent, Gobelin, detached buttonhole variations, and plaited braid stitches; metal bobbin lace; silk and metal ribbon (28.210.1,.2)
Pair-case watch, 1682–83, Movement by Thomas Tompion (English); inner case and dial by Nathaniel Delander (English), Outer case: leather with gold studs monogrammed RWR surmounted by a coronet (unidentified); Inner case and champlevé dial: gold, with blued steel hands; Movement: gilded brass, steel, partly blued, and silver (17.190.1489ab)
Pantsuit, ca. 1939, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Brown wool tweed, brown leather (2009.300.1870a,b)
Parade shield, late 16th century, Venice, Wood, leather, iron, silver, varnish, and polychromy (42.50.31)
"Partie Fine" dress, spring/summer 1951, Christian Dior (French); Christian Dior Haute Couture (French), Silk, nylon, leather (C.I.53.40.21a-c)
Positive organ, 17th century, Germany, Woods, metal alloys, leather, and various materials (1978.6)
Power Figure (Nkisi), 19th–20th century, Kongo peoples; Democratic Republic of Congo, Wood, paint, nails, cloth, beads, shells, arrows, leather, nuts, twine (1979.206.127)
Pump, 1873, Made by J. A. Petit, Paris, Leather, silk, linen, metallic threads (C.I.50.12.1a,b)
Qur'an case, Nasrid period, second half of 15th century, Spain, Leather embroidered with gilt-silver wire (04.3.458)
Qur'an holder, late 19th–early 20th century, Central Asia and Iran, Silver with silver filigree and cabochon- and table-cut turquoises; Leather strap (2005.443.8)
Qur'an manuscript, late 9th–early 10th century, Syria or Iraq, Main support: ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on parchment; binding: leather, tooled (37.142)
Racing car shoe, 1965, Designed by Katharina Denzinger for Herbert Levine, Inc., American, Leather, plastic (1973.276.29a,b)
Rebab or rabab, 19th century, Algeria, Wood, parchment, metal, ivory, leather (89.4.403)
Rolltop desk, ca. 1776–79, David Roentgen (German, 1743–1807), Oak, cherry, pine, mahogany, veneered with maple, burl woods, holly, hornbeam (all partially stained), tulipwood, mahogany, and other woods; mother-of-pearl; partially gilded and tooled leather; gilt bronze, iron, steel, brass, and partially gold-lacquered brass (41.82)
Rolltop desk, ca. 1780, David Roentgen (German, 1743–1807), Oak, pine, walnut, cherry, tulipwood, and mahogany (later drawers), veneered with maple, hornbeam (both partially stained), tulipwood, burl wood (stained), mahogany, holly, walnut, and other woods; gilt bronze, brass, steel, and iron; marble; partially tooled and gilded leather (58.75.55)
Saddle, 15th century, Tibetan, Iron, gold, wood, and leather (2002.225)
Saddle, 17th–18th century, Eastern Tibetan or Chinese for the Tibetan market, Iron, gold, silver, wood, leather, and textile (1997.214.1)
Saddle, ca. 1570–80, Italian (Milan), Wood, textiles, iron, leather, steel, and gold (04.3.252)
Secrétaire à abattant, ca. 1815–20, with later additions, Austrian, Walnut, parcel-ebonized and mounted with gilt bronze; leather, glass, brass (1991.470)
Set of fourteen side chairs, ca. 1772, Thomas Chippendale (English), Mahogany, covered in modern red morocco leather (1996.426.1–.14)
Shaffron in the "Oriental" fashion, ca. 1560–70, Italian (probably Brescia), Steel, brass, leather (14.25.1664)
Shaffron, ca. 1540, German (probably Landshut), Steel, pewter, leather, textile (14.25.1644)
Shield, 19th–20th century, Kenya or Tanzania; Maasai people, Leather, wood, paint, fur (1978.412.644)
Shirt of mail and plate, dated A.H. 1042/A.D. 1632–33, Indian, Iron, steel, gold, leather (2008.245)
Shirtwaist dress, 1972, Halston (Roy Halston Frowick) (American), Lavender Ultrasuede (1993.351ab)
Shoe reliquary, ca. 1350–1400, French or Swiss, Leather and Iron (47.101.65)
Shoe, 1300–1450, Poulaine of brown archaeological leather (29.158.914)
Shoe, 19th century, Chinese (Manchu peoples), Silk, linen, wood, leather (C.I.41.110.272a,b)
Shoe, spring 1997, Designed by Martin Margiela (Belgian), Leather, plastic (1998.519f,g)
Shoes (Pumps), 2007, Christian Louboutin (French), Black patent leather with red leather sole (2012.121a,b)
Shoes, 16th century, English, Black leather (29.158.892,3,6)
Shoes, 1948–50, Salvatore Ferragamo (Italian), Purple suede and gold metallic leather (1973.282.6)
Sword, ca. 1400, Western European, Steel, silver, copper, leather (32.75.225)
Tent Divider (Te Saqwit), 19th–20th century, Sudan; Beja peoples, Cotton, leather, beads, cowrie shells, palm leaf (1996.455)
Tobacco Pipe, 19th–20th century, Democratic Republic of Congo; Chokwe (?), Wood, brass, leather (1977.462.1)
Tobacco pouch and pipe, 18th century, Japanese, Embossed leather, silver foil, color, gold, freshwater pearl, metal (14.40.843a,b)
Toilet set in original leather case, ca. 1743–45, Germany (Augsburg), Silver marked by 14 goldsmiths, Gilt silver, hard-paste porcelain, cut glass, walnut, carved and partially gilt coniferous wood, blind-tooled and partially gilt leather, partially gilt steel and iron, textiles, moiré paper, hog's bristle (2005.364.1–.48)
Tournament book, late 16th/early 17th century, German (Nuremberg), Pen and colored wash on paper, leather (22.229)
Tournament Shield (Targe), ca. 1450, German, Wood, leather, linen, gesso, polychromy, silver (25.26.1)
Travel ensemble (jacket, slacks, and blouse), 1948, Vera Maxwell (American), Brown-and-white donegal tweed and cocoa-brown wool jersey, printed silk, plastic, tan leather (C.I.53.61a-f)
Traveling box, Ming dynasty, early 15th century, China, Leather, wood, iron, gold, and pigments (1999.61)
Traveling tea set, ca. 1879, Christopher Dresser (British); Hukin & Heath (Birmingham), Gilt and silver-plated white metal, split bamboo, leather-covered wood with velvet and glazed cotton linings (2000.594.1a,b–.8)
Triptych with the Passion of Christ, ca. 1475–85, South Germany, Mother-of-pearl mounted on gilt wood frame with silk backing and tooled leather covering (2006.249)
Trunk of shoes, 1914–19, Pietro Yantorny (Italian), Wood, silk, linen, leather (C.I.53.76.1a,b-12a,b)
Upright secretary (secrétaire à abattant), ca. 1786–87, Maker: Guillaume Beneman (French) (1971.206.17)
"Vertebra" armchair, 1974–76, Emilio Ambasz (Argentinian); Giancarlo Piretti (Italian), Polyurethane and leather (1989.48)
Volume from a thirty-part Qur’an, 18th century, North Africa, probably Tunisia, Colors and gold on paper, leather binding (1982.120.2)
Wedding ensemble, 1937, Mainbocher (American, 1890–1976), Silk, leather, straw, coq feather (C.I.50.110a–j)
Writing table (bureau plat), 1759, Gilles Joubert (French), Red and gold japanning on oak, gilt-bronze mounts, leather top (1973.315.1)

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