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Muromachi Period of Japan

Asian Art, Japan, Muromachi Period

Works of Art (13)

Bamboo in the Four Seasons, Muromachi period (1392–1573), Attributed to Tosa Mitsunobu (Japanese), Pair of six-panel folding screens; color, ink, and gold on paper (1975.268.44,45)
Birth of the Buddha, Muromachi period, ca. 1400, Unidentified artist, Japan, Section of a wall panel; ink, color, and gold on silk (1993.478.1)
Blade for a Katana (Sword), Muromachi period, dated 1526, Masazane (Japanese), Japanese, Steel (2001.574)
Blades and mountings for a pair of swords (daisho), long sword: dated 1440; short sword: 15th century; Muromachi period, Long sword (katana) inscribed by Sukemitsu of Bizen; short sword (wakizashi) attributed to Yasumitsu, Japanese, Steel; Short sword (wakizashi) (36.120.417,418)
The Four Accomplishments, Muromachi period, mid-16th century, Kano Motonobu (Japanese), Pair of six-panel screens; ink and color on paper (1991.480.1,.2)
Gibbons, Muromachi period (1392–1573), Sesson Shukei (Japanese), Pair of six-panel screens; ink on paper (1992.8.1,2)
Helmet (Suji Kabuto), Muromachi period, 15th century, Japan, Lacquered iron, silk, stenciled leather, gilt copper (13.112.10)
Landscape of the Four Seasons, Muromachi period, early 16th century, Kangaku Shinso (Soami) (Japanese), Pair of six-fold screens, ink on paper (41.59.1,2)
Orchids and Rocks, Muromachi period (1392–1573), Gyokuen Bompo (Japanese), Japan, Hanging scroll; ink on paper (1975.268.38)
Portrait sculpture of a Zen priest, Muromachi period, 14th–15th century, Japan, Lacquered wood (63.65)
Storage jar, Muromachi period, 14th–15th century; Shigaraki ware, Japan, Stoneware with natural ash glaze (1975.268.428)
Su Dongpo in Straw Hat and Wooden Shoes, Muromachi period, second half of 15th century, Artist Unknown, Japan, Hanging scroll; ink on paper (1975.268.39)