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The Kano School of Japanese Art

Asian Art, Japan, Kano School

Works of Art (5)

Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons, Momoyama period, early 17th century, Kano School, Japan, Pair of six-fold screens; color on gold-leafed paper (1987.342.1,2)
The Four Accomplishments, Muromachi period, mid-16th century, Kano Motonobu (Japanese), Pair of six-panel screens; ink and color on paper (1991.480.1,.2)
Meeting of Emperor Wen and Fisherman Lü Shang, Momoyama period), ca. 1600, Attributed to Kano Takanobu (Japanese), Two six-panel folding screens: ink, color, and gold on gilt paper (2006.42.1,.2)
The Old Plum, Edo period, 1646, Kano Sansetsu (Japanese), Four sliding door panels (fusuma); ink, color, gold leaf on paper (1975.268.48a-d)
The Sixth Patriarch of Zen at the Moment of Enlightenment, Edo period, 1635–45, Kano Tan'yu (Japanese), Ink on paper (2006.174)