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Hunting Implement

Implement, Hunting

Works of Art (22)

Bannerstone, ca. 2000 B.C.; Archaic, Archaic peoples; United States, Ohio, Banded slate (1979.206.403)
Boomerang, 19th–early 20th century, Probably Boulia region, western Queensland, Australia, Wood (1979.206.1552)
Boomerang, 19th–early 20th century, Wardaman people, Northern Territory, Australia, Wood (1979.206.1539)
Boomerang, late 19th–early 20th century, Northern Territory, Australia, Wood (1979.206.1667)
Boomerang, mid- to late 19th century, Western Kimberley Region, Western Australia, Wood, paint (1979.206.1608)

Flintlock Gun, ca. 1620, Made by Pierre Le Bourgeois (died 1627), French (Lisieux), Steel, chiseled, blued, and gilded; wood, inlaid with silver, brass, and engraved mother-of-pearl; brass-gilt (1972.223)
Harpoon Counterweight, 2nd–3rd century, Old Bering Sea peoples; Alaska, Ivory (walrus) (1975.311)
Harpoon Head, 4th–5th century, Old Bering Sea peoples; Alaska, Ivory (walrus) (1981.358.1)
Head of a Hunting Spear, 1425–50, German or Austrian, Steel, inlaid with brass (14.25.321)
Horn, ca. 1100–1200, South Italian, Ivory (17.190.218)
Hunting Sword, ca. 1740–50, Ivory grip attributed to Joseph Deutschmann, German (possibly Munich), Steel, silver-gilt, ivory, leather (26.145.243)
Hunting sword, ca. 1825, Emanuel Pioté (Austrian); Jacob H. Köchert (Austrian), Steel, gold, enamel, agate, wood, leather (48.26)
Hunting sword, ca. 1851, French (Paris), Silver, cast, chased, partly gilt; gilt copper; steel (1987.161)
Incised Celt, 10th–6th century B.C., Mexico; Olmec, Jade (jadeite) (1978.412.5)
Needles, hooks, and harpoon, Final Jomon period (ca. 1000–300 B.C.), Japan, Bone (1975.268.327, 337, 341, 343, 345)
Pair of stirrups, late 16th–early 17th century, Japan, Iron, lacquer, and mother-of-pearl (2008.120.1, 2008.120.2)
Shield, 19th–20th century, Kenya or Tanzania; Maasai people, Leather, wood, paint, fur (1978.412.644)
Snaphuance hunting rifle, dated 1722, Jonas Schertiger the Younger (Swedish), Swedish (Stockholm), Steel, walnut, brass, and horn (1997.356)
Spear Thrower, 19th–early 20th century, Kalgoorlie Region (?), Western Australia, Wood, spinifex resin, sinew, stone (1978.412.837)
Throw Sticks, probably 1927–28 season, Harry Burton (English), The Egyptian Expedition of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gelatin silver print TAA 1175)
Throwing Club, mid-19th–early 20th century, Southeastern region, Australia, Wood (1978.412.870)
Wheel-lock Rifle, ca. 1680–90, Johann Michael Maucher (German), German (Schwäbisch Gmünd), Engraved steel; wood, inlaid with ivory and mother-of-pearl (42.50.8)