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Greek Poetry

Literature and Literary Connections, Greek Poetry

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Apulegio volgare (Apuleius in the Vernacular): Signature E2v, Author: Lucius Apuleius, Translator: Matteo Maria Boiardo, Venice: Nicolo daristotele da Ferrara & Vincenzo de Polo da Venetia, 1519, 2d ed. (1st ed., 1518), Printed book with woodcut illustrations (56.608.1)
Judgment of Paris, ca. 1510–20, Marcantonio Raimondi (Italian); Designed by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio or Santi) (Italian), Italian, Engraving (19.74.1)
Lamenting the Death of Adonis, mid-16th century, After Luca Cambiaso (Italian), Woodcut (17.37.33)
Leaf from a Manuscript of Valerius Maximus, ca. 1380, French, Made in Paris,, Parchment, tempera, ink, gold leaf (31.134.8)
Naval Battle between Trojans and Greeks, 1538, Giovanni Battista Scultori (Italian, Mantuan), Engraving printed in brown ink (53.600.996)fi
Nolan neck-amphora with triple handles, ca. 470–460 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to the Achilles Painter, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (25.189.2)
Papyrus fragment with lines from Homer's Odyssey, Early Hellenistic, 285–250 B.C., Greek, Ptolemaic, Papyrus (09.182.50)
"Penelope Unraveling Her Work at Night," 1886, Dora Wheeler (American), for Associated Artists (New York City), Silk embroidered with silk thread (2002.230)
The Poet, Jusepe de Ribera (called Lo Spagnoletto) (Spanish), Etching, only state (30.54.69)
Polyphemus and Galatea in a Landscape, last decade of 1st century B.C.; mid-Augustan, Third Style, Roman, Fresco (20.192.17)ar
Stamnos (Jar), late 6th century B.C., Attributed to the Painter of London B 343, Greek, Archaic, Attic, black-figure, Terracotta (2011.233)
Ulysses at the Table of Circe: Plate 16 of The Odyssey of Homer Engraved from the Compositions of John Flaxman R.A., 1805, John Flaxman (British), Printmaker: James Parker (British), London, England, Etching (1977.595.53)