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Cycladic Art

Greek and Roman Art, Greece, Cycladic

Works of Art (7)

Head from the figure of a woman, ca. 2700–2500 B.C.; Early Cycladic I–II, Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture, Marble (64.246)
Kernos (vase for multiple offerings), Early Cycladic III–Middle Cycladic I, ca. 2300–2200 B.C., Cycladic, Terracotta (2004.363)

Jar, Early Cycladic III–Middle Cycladic I, ca. 2300–1900 B.C., Cycladic, Terracotta (2004.363.2)

Jug, Early Cycladic III–Middle Cycladic I, ca. 2300–1900 B.C., Terracotta (2004.363.3)
Krater with a lid surmounted by a small hydria, mid-8th century B.C.; Geometric, Greek, Euboean or Cycladic; Found at Kourion, Cyprus, Terracotta (74.51.965)
Spouted bowl, ca. 2700–2200 B.C.; Early Cycladic II, Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture, Marble (2001.766)
Standing female figure, ca. 2600–2400 B.C.; Early Cycladic II; late Spedos type, Attributed to the Bastis Master, Cycladic, Marble (68.148)
Statuette of a seated harp player, ca. 2800–2700 B.C.; late Early Cycladic I–Early Cycladic II, Cycladic, Marble (47.100.1)
Steatopygous female figure, ca. 4500–4000 B.C.; Neolithic, Cycladic; Greece, Cyclades, Marble (1972.118.104)