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Geometric Style in Greek Art

Greek and Roman Art, Greece, Geometric

Works of Art (8)

Barrel oinochoe, 8th–early 7th century B.C.; Italo-Geometric, Italian peninsula, possibly Campania or Etruria, Terracotta (1975.363)
Bowl with handles terminating in lotuses, ca. 850–750 B.C.; Cypro-Geometric III, Cypriot; Said to be from Kourion, Bronze (74.51.5673)
Krater with a lid surmounted by a small hydria, mid-8th century B.C.; Geometric, Greek, Euboean or Cycladic; Found at Kourion, Cyprus, Terracotta (74.51.965)
Krater, ca. 750–700 B.C.; Geometric, Attributed to the Hirschfeld Workshop, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (14.130.14)
Neck amphora, fourth quarter of 8th century B.C.; Late Geometric, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (10.210.7)
Pyxis (box with lid), mid-8th century B.C.; Geometric, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (48.11.5a,b)
Statuette of a horse, 8th century B.C.; Geometric, Greek, Bronze (21.88.24)
Statuette of a man and centaur, ca. 750 B.C.; Geometric, Greek, Bronze (17.190.2072)