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Furniture, Chest

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Blanket chest, 1835–75, American, Pine(66.10.15)
Box, 1660–85, Attributed to John Thurston (American), Dedham or Medfield, Massachusetts, White oak, red oak, southern yellow pine (10.125.680)
Bureau table, ca. 1765, Attributed to John Townsend (American), Made in New England, Newport, Rhode Island, Mahogany, chestnut, tulip poplar, white pine (10.125.83)
Casket, ca. 1680, Michel Redlin (German), Poland (Gdansk), Amber, gold foil, gilded brass, wood (2006.452a–c)
Cassone with the Conquest of Trebizond, 1460s, Marco del Buono Giamberti (Italian, Florentine); Apollonio di Giovanni di Tomaso (Italian, Florentine), Tempera, gold, and silver on wood (14.39)
Chest of drawers with floral decoration, Joseon dynasty, late 19th century, Korea, Lacquer with mother-of-pearl (2006.260a–g)
Chest of drawers, 1695–1720, American; New York City or western Long Island, Gumwood, yellow poplar, pine, oak (36.112a,b)
Chest of drawers, 1755–90, Philadelphia, Mahogany, tulip poplar, yellow pine (18.110.6)
Chest of drawers, 1765, John Townsend (American), Newport, Rhode Island, Mahogany, white pine, chestnut, tulip poplar (27.57.1)
Chest of drawers, ca. 1747, Boston, Maple, white pine (10.125.58)
Chest of drawers, ca. 1762–75, American; Made in Mid-Atlantic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America, Mahogany, tulip poplar, yellow pine (18.110.4)
Chest with drawers, 1675–1700, Wethersfield, Connecticut, Oak, pine, cedar (66.190.1)
Chest-on-chest, 1760–90, New York, Mahogany, yellow pine, tulip poplar (64.249.3)
Chest-on-Chest, 1772, Thomas Townsend (American), Newport, Rhode Island, Mahogany, chestnut, tulip poplar (2005.52)
Chest, 1663–80, Attributed to William Searle (American) or Thomas Dennis (American), Ipswich, Massachusetts, White oak (10.125.685)
Chest, 1770–80, New England, Mahogany, white pine (2001.644)
Chest, Joseon dynasty, 19th century, Korea, Lacquered wood with mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, sharkskin, and brass-wire inlay, and brass fittings (63.121.1a,b)
Cupboard, 1800–1850, American; New Lebanon, New York, Pine (66.10.13)
Gable-topped chest and linens, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1550–1295 B.C., Egyptian; From the tomb of Hatnofer and Ramose, western Thebes, Whitewashed wood; linen (36.3.56,.54,.111,.140)
High chest of drawers, 1700–1730, Boston, Massachusetts, Black walnut, poplar, maple, hickory, eastern white pine (52.195.2a,b)
High chest of drawers, 1730–50, Boston, Walnut, walnut veneer, white pine (10.125.62)
Linen press, ca. 1904, Edna M. Walker (American), Byrdcliffe Arts and Crafts Colony, Woodstock, New York, Oak, tulip poplar, brass (1991.311.1)
Sewing table, 1843, Made by James X. Smith (American), New Lebanon, New York, Cherry, butternut, pine, basswood, sycamore, maple (66.10.18)
Sideboard, ca. 1853–57, Alexander Roux (American, born France), Black walnut, pine (1993.168)