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Vessel with Floral Motif

Floral Motif, Vessel

Works of Art (18)

Alabastron, Archaic, early 6th century B.C., Etruscan (said to be from Vulci), Alabaster (2008.332)
Beaker with relief-cut decoration, Abbasid period (750–1258), 9th–10th century, Iran, Glass, colorless, blown, cut (1974.45)
Bottle, Safavid period (1501–1722), 17th century, Iran, Stonepaste, luster painted on opaque blue glaze, silver (30.95.158)
Bowl in millefiori technique, Abbasid period (750–1258), 9th century, Probably Iraq, Glass, green, opaque yellow, and opaque red mosaic, fused, slumped, ground, and polished, applied foot (2001.266)
Bowl with arms of the Dazzi family, 1430–60, Spanish; Manises, Valencia, Tin-glazed earthenware (56.171.156)
Calligraphic dish, 'Adil Shahi period (1490–1686), ca. 1600, India, Deccan, Bijapur, Copper alloy, cast (1983.227)
Dish in the Shape of a Leaf, Tang dynasty, late 7th–early 8th century, China, Silver with parcel gilding (1974.268.11)
Ewer with dancing females within arcades, 6th century; Sasanian style, Iran, Silver, mercury gilding (67.10a,b)
Flask-Shaped Bottle, Joseon dynasty, late 15th century, Korea, Stoneware with sgraffito decoration of flowers under buncheong glaze (1986.305)
Hexagonal Dish, 1696, Hungarian, Transylvania, Silver, parcel-gilt (2010.110.42)
Lekanis (dish) with lid and finial, second half of 3rd century B.C., Greek, Sicilian, Centuripe, Terracotta (30.11.4a–c)
Neck-amphora, ca. 540 B.C.; Archaic; black-figure, Attributed to Exekias, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (27.16)
Portable writing cabinet with Tokugawa family crests, chrysanthemums, and foliage scrolls, Edo period (1615–1868), late 17th century
Japan, Lacquered wood with gold and silver takamaki-e, hiramaki-e, and gold foil application on nashiji ground (81.1.133a–h)
Set of five writing boxes with Japanese globeflowers, plum blossoms, and interlaced roundels, Edo period (1615–1868), late 18th–early 19th century, Japan, Lacquered wood with gold and silver hiramaki-e and applied gold foil on nashiji ground (81.1.136a–z)
Summer and autumn fruits tiered box (jubako), Edo–Meiji periods, ca. 1860–90, Shibata Zeshin (Japanese), Lacquer with maki-e (2010.143a–g)
Vase with tendrils, 1899, Edmond Lachenal (French, 1855–1948), Stoneware (2013.239.24)
Vase, ca. 1896, Designer: Philippe Wolfers (Belgian), by Philippe Wolfers & Wolfers Frères, Belgian (Brussels), Silver, partly gilded (2003.236)
Writing Box with Warbler in Plum Tree
Edo period (1615–1868), 18th century, Japan, Lacquered wood with gold and silver takamaki-e, hiramaki-e, togidashimaki-e on nashiji ground (29.100.695a–e)