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Metalwork with Floral Motif

Floral Motif, Metalwork

Works of Art (48)

Armband with a Herakles knot, Hellenistic, 3rd–2nd century B.C., Greek, Gold, garnet, emerald, enamel (1999.209)
Basin, early 14th century; Ilkhanid, Iran, Brass, raised, engraved, and inlaid with silver and gold (91.1.521)
Bowl with handles terminating in lotuses, ca. 850–750 B.C.; Cypro-Geometric III, Cypriot; Said to be from Kourion, Bronze (74.51.5673)
Bowl with radiating petal design, 8th–6th century B.C., Phrygian or Lydian; Anatolia, Silver (66.116)
Bowl, 1899, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American); Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company (Stourbridge Glass Company) (51.121.29)
Breast defense (peytral) and detail of a pair of neck defenses (crinet) from a horse armor, 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Leather, iron, brass or copper alloy, gold, shellac, pigments, textile, and hair (1997.242a–c)
Bronze oinochoe, mid-6th century B.C., Greek, Bronze (1997.158)
Bronze rod tripod stand, early 6th century B.C., Greek, Bronze (1997.145.1)
Brooch and earrings, 1858–60, Edward Burr (American), Yellow gold, pearls, diamonds, enamel (2000.549a-c)
The Bryant Vase, 1875–76, James Horton Whitehouse (American, born England), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Silver, gold (77.9a,b)
Cantle plate, 1563, German (Augsburg), Steel (21.102.9)
Coffeepot, 1756–57, Marked by François-Thomas Germain (French), French; Paris, Silver, wood (33.165.1)
Cor solo, 1829, Dubois & Couturier (French), Lyon, Brass, silver (2008.136)
Corsage piece, ca. 1880–1900, Tiffany & Company (American), Gold, diamonds (41.84.20a-e)
Cup Stand with Eight Buddhist Treasures, Yuan dynasty, 14th century, China, Silver (2007.187)
Dagger with Zoomorphic Hilt, second half 16th century, India, Deccan, Bijapur or Golconda, Hilt: copper, cast, chased, gilded, and inlaid with rubies. Blade: steel, forged (2011.236)
Diadem with kinnari (half-bird, half-female creatures), 9th–10th century, India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir) or Pakistan, Gold inset with garnet (1988.395)
Dish in the Shape of a Leaf, Tang dynasty, late 7th–early 8th century, China, Silver with parcel gilding (1974.268.11)
Ewer, ca. 1825, Thomas Fletcher (American), Philadelphia, Silver (2007.25)
Footed cup, Ilkhanid period (1206–1353), second half of 14th century, Iran, Brass, cast, engraved, and inlaid with black compound (91.1.559)
Fountain, early 17th century, Deccan, India, Cast and incised bronze (1997.150)
Ghanti, second half of 19th century, North India, Brass (89.4.154)
Hair ornament, ca. 1904, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American), Silver, enamel, black and pink opals, demantoid garnets (2002.620)
Helmet, 1350–1450, Mongolian or Chinese, Iron and gold (2005.270)
Hexagonal Dish, 1696, Hungarian, Transylvania, Silver, parcel-gilt (2010.110.42)
Huqqa base, last quarter of 17th century, India, Deccan, Bidar, Alloy inlaid with brass (1984.221)
Inrô with design of sea foam, 19th century, Shibata Zeshin (Japanese), after a design by Ogata Kôrin (Japanese), Gold lacquer, pewter inlay (36.100.249)
Loving cup with cover, 1742–43, Paul Lamerie (English), Silver gilt (25.15.58ab)
The Magnolia Vase, ca. 1893, John T. Curran (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer, Silver, gold, enamel, opals (99.2)
Mantel clock, ca. 1750, ST Germain for Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain (French); Gosselin à Paris, possibly Jean-Philippe (French) or Jean-Baptiste Gosselin (French, active Paris), Bronze, originally gilded or silvered, enameled dial (37.160.9)
Mirror support in the form of a nude girl, ca. 540–530 B.C., Greek, Laconian, Bronze (74.51.5680)
Necklace, 1845–50, Maker unknown, American, Seed pearls, mother-of-pearl, horsehair, silk, yellow gold (2003.350.2)
Pair of flintlock pistols, 1800–1801, Samuel Brunn (English); Michael Barnett (English), Steel, wood, silver, gold (1992.330.1-.2)
Punch bowl, 1901, Gorham Manufacturing Company, Providence, Rhode Island, Silver (1974.214.27)
Silver service, Song dynasty, 11th–13th century, China, Silver with gilding (1997.33.1-6)
Situla with floral decoration, late Dynasty XIX–Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1188–712 B.C.), From Bubastis, Silver (07.228.18)
Situla with floral decoration, late Dynasty XIX–Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1188–712 B.C.), From Bubastis, Gold (07.228.22)
Stem cup, 6th–8th century, Central Asia, possibly Sogdian, Silver (1998.223)
Tankard, 1705–25, Simeon Soumaine (American), New York City, Silver (27.85.1)
Tea service, ca. 1888, Tiffany & Company (American), Silver, silver-gilt, enamel, ivory (97.1.1-4)
Tea tray and urn, 1799, John McMullin (American), Philadelphia, Silver, ivory (2009.420.1,2)
Tripartite silver box, 19th century, India, Silver (15.95.12)
Two beads, 11th century; Fatimid, Syria, Gold, fabricated from wire and strips of sheet, decorated with granulation (1980.457)
Two-handled covered loving cup, ca. 1680, English, Silver over silver gilt (68.141.281ab)
Vermand Treasure: Belt Buckle and Three Mounts for Spear Shafts, ca. 400, Provincial Roman; Found in Vermand, France, Silver gilt inlaid with niello (17.192.143–.146)
Vessel, ca. 700, Syria, Bronze, pierced and chased, openwork design (1993.319)
The Vine, 1921; revised 1923; this cast, 1924, Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (American), Bronze (27.66)
Wine cup, ca. 1740, Samuel Edwards (American), Boston, Silver (33.120.230a)