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Saint Jerome

Figure, Saint, Jerome

Works of Art (10)

Hieronymus in Deserto (Saint Jerome in the Wilderness), ca. 1555–56, Jan and Lucas van Doetecum after Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Netherlandish), Etching and engraving; only state (26.72.13)
Last Communion of Saint Jerome, early 1490s, Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi) (Italian, Florentine), Tempera and gold on wood (14.40.642)
Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Mary Magdalene, ca. 1490, Neroccio de' Landi (Italian, Sienese), Tempera on wood (61.43)
The Nativity with Donors and Saints Jerome and Leonard, ca. 1510–15, Gerard David (Netherlandish), Oil on canvas, transferred from wood (49.7.20a–c)
Penitence of Saint Jerome, triptych, ca. 1518, Joachim Patinir (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (36.14a–c)
Saint Jerome as Cardinal, ca. 1610–14, El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) (Greek), Oil on canvas (1975.1.146)
Saint Jerome Hearing the Trumpet of the Last Judgment, Jusepe de Ribera (called Lo Spagnoletto) (Spanish), Etching with drypoint and engraving, only state (53.512.5)
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness, ca. 1525–30, Italian School, after Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) (Italian, Venetian), Woodcut (22.73.119)
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness, ca. 1591, Annibale Carracci (Italian, Bolognese), Etching and engraving, third state of four6 (
Virgin and Child with Six Saints, ca. 1455–57, Pesellino (Francesco di Stefano) (Italian, Florentine), Tempera on panel (50.145.30)