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Jain Deity

Figure, Deity, Jain

Works of Art (5)

Jain Siddha Bahubali, Entwined with Forest Vines, late 6th–7th century, India (Karnataka), Copper Alloy (1987.142.339)
Enthroned Jina, probably Neminatha, late 7th century, India (Gukarat, Akota), Copper alloy (2008.279)
Seated Jain Tirthankara, Solanki period, ca. first half 11th century, India, Gujarat or Rajasthan, White marble (1992.131)
Standing Jain tirthankara, Chalukya period, 9th century, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, India, Copper alloy (1995.423)
Svetambara Enthroned Jina, with Attendant Yaksha and Yakshi, ca. second half of the 11th century, India (Gujarat), Copper alloy inlaid with silver and copper (1992.124.1)