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Nike or Victory

Figure, Deity, Greek and Roman, Nike/Victory

Works of Art (10)

Column-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water), ca. 350–320 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to the Group of Boston 00.348, Greek, South Italian, Apulian, Terracotta (50.11.4)
Contest between Athena and Poseidon, ca. 1543, Antonio Fantuzzi (Italian, Bolognese), after Rosso Fiorentino (Italian, Florentine), Etching; sheet, trimmed to platemark (49.97.589)
Head of Victory, 1897–1903; this cast, 1907, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Bronze (07.90)
Intaglio with Winged Nike in a chariot drawn by two serpents, 1st century B.C.–3rd century A.D., Roman, Late Republican or Imperial, Carnelian (81.6.102)
Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial, 1906–8; this carving, 1912–15, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (15.75)
Stater with head of Alexander the Great, 286–281 B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek; Lysimachos, Pella, Gold (52.127.4)
Tetradrachm of Seleucus I, 300–280 B.C.; Seleucid, Iran, excavated at Pasargadae, Silver (1974.105.9)
Torso of draped, flying Nike, late 5th century B.C., Greek, Terracotta (07.286.23)
The Victory of the Maréchal de Villars at Denain, 1806, modified 1818, Louis Simon Boizot (French); cast by Pierre Phillipe Thomire (French)

Bronze (1978.55)
Victory, 1892–1903; this cast, 1914 or after (by 1916), Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Bronze, gilt (17.90.1)