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Hermes or Mercury

Figure, Deity, Greek and Roman, Hermes/Mercury

Works of Art (15)

Aglauros's Vision of the Bridal Chamber of Herse, from the Story of Mercury and Herse, designed ca. 1540, woven ca. 1570, Workshop of Willem de Pannemaker (Flemish), Made/manufactured: Brussels, Southern Netherlands, Wool, silk, silver (41.190.135)
Aryballos, ca. 570 B.C.; black-figure, Greek, Attic, Signed by Nearchos as potter, Terracotta (26.49)
Bell krater depicting the return of Persephone, ca. 440 B.C.; Red-figure, Attributed to the Persephone Painter, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (28.57.23)
Column-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water), ca. 350–320 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to the Group of Boston 00.348, Greek, South Italian, Apulian, Terracotta (50.11.4)
Finger ring engraved with an image of Hermes, late 4th century B.C., Greek, South Italian, Tarentine, Gold (1994.230.3)
Head of herm, 1st or 2nd century A.D.; Imperial Roman, Copy of a Greek work of the late 5th century B.C., Marble (03.12.4)
Intaglio with Hermes pulling up a figure emerging from the ground, 3rd–2nd century B.C., Italic, Hellenistic, Banded agate (81.6.28)
Lekythos (oil flask), ca. 450 B.C.; white-ground, Attributed to the Sabouroff Painter, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (21.88.17)
Lekythos (oil flask), ca. 480–470 B.C.; red-figure Attributed to the Tithonos Painter Greek, Attic Terracotta (25.78.2)
Mercury in a Decorative Frame with Grotesques, ca. 1600–1630, After Adriaen Collaert (Netherlandish, ca. 1560–1618), Blackwork and engraving (23.101.4)
Ovidio metamorphoseos vulgare (Ovid's Metamorphoses in the Vernacular), by Giovanni Bonsignore, 2d ed. (Venice: Lucantonio Giunta, 1501), Woodcut illustrations by 15th-century Venetian school (22.16)
The Power of Cupid (Jupiter Disarmed), ca. 1530–50, Master of the Die (Italian, active Rome), after Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi (Italian), Engraving (49.97.328)
Relief with an archaistic Hermes, 1st century A.D., Roman, Marble (1991.11.8)
Seated Figure of Mercury, 1524–26, Parmigianino (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola) (Italian), Black chalk (1997.154)
Vase, late 18th century, John Flaxman (English); Made by Josiah Wedgewood and Sons, Etruria/Staffordshire, England, Jasperware (09.194.7)