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Figure, Deity, Buddhist, Buddha, Shakyamuni

Works of Art (17)

Buddha sheltered by a naga, Angkor period, 12th century, Cambodia, Bronze (1987.424.19ab)
Buddha Vairocana (Dari), Tang dynasty, early 8th century, China, Gilt leaded bronze, lost-wax cast (43.24.3)
Buddha, probably Shakyamuni (Shijiamouni), Sixteen Kingdoms period, late 4th–early 5th century, China, Gilt bronze, piece-mold cast (1974.268.8a–c)
Buddha's Descent from the Trayastrimsha Heaven, Ikshvaku period, second half of 3rd century, India, Andhra Pradesh, Nagarjunakonda, Limestone (28.31)
The Buddha's First Sermon at Sarnath, ca. 2nd century; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Schist (1980.527.4)
Death of the Buddha (Parinirvana), 2nd–4th century; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Schist (L.1993.69.4)
Death of the Historical Buddha (Nehan), Kamakura period, 14th century, Unidentified artist, Kyoto, Japan, Hanging scroll; ink, gold, and color on silk (12.134.10)
Fasting Siddhartha, Kushan period, ca. 3rd century, Pakistan (ancient region of Gandhara), Schist (1987.218.5)
The Great Departure and the Temptation of the Buddha, Ikshvaku period, ca. first half of 3rd century, India (Andra Pradesh, Nagarjunakonda), Limestone (28.105
Helmet, probably mid- to late 17th century, Chinese, Iron, gold, silver, and textile (1997.18)
Illuminated pages from a dispersed Dharani manuscript, 14th–15th century, Tibet (Zhalu monastery), Inks and color on paper (1986.509.1a,b)
Illustrated manuscript of the Lotus Sutra, Goryeo dynasty, ca. 1340, Unidentified artist (late 14th century), Korea, Folding book, gold and silver on indigo-dyed mulberry paper; 106 pages (1994.207)
Lunette with Buddha surrounded by adorants, 5th–6th century, Hadda, Afghanistan, Stucco (2005.314)
Plaque with scenes from the life of the Buddha, Pala or Pagan period, 12th century, India or Burma. Mudstone (1982.233)
Reliquary (?) with scenes from the life of the Buddha, ca. 10th century, India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir) or Pakistan, Bone with traces of color and gold paint (1985.392.1)
Seated Buddha, 1st–mid-2nd century A.D.; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Bronze with traces of gold leaf (2003.593.1)
Standing Buddha, probably Shakyamuni, 5th–6th century, Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu, India, Bronze (1998.414)