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Figure, Deity, Buddhist, Buddha, Amitabha

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Amitabha Triad, Goryeo dynasty, ca. early 14th century, Unidentified artist, Korea, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk (30.76.298)
Buddha Amitayus attended by bodhisattvas, 11th century, Tibet, Distemper on cloth (1989.284)
Pair of manuscript covers with Buddhist deities, late 11th century, Nepal, Distemper on wood (1976.192.1-2)
Welcoming Descent of Amida and Twenty-five Bodhisattvas, Nanbokucho period, late 14th century, Unidentified artist, Japan, Hanging scroll; ink, color, and gold on silk (42.25.37)
Yong Zin Khon Shogpel: Seventh Abbot of Ngor Monastery (Sakya Sect), 16th century, Tibet, Distemper and gold on cloth (1971.189)

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