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Figure, Deity, Buddhist, Bodhisattva

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Altarpiece dedicated to Buddha Maitreya (Mile), Northern Wei dynasty, dated 524, China, Gilt bronze (38.158.1a–n)
Amitabha Triad, Goryeo dynasty, ca. early 14th century, Unidentified artist, Korea, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk (30.76.298)
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin Pusa), Yuan dynasty, dated 1282, Probably Hebei Province, China, Wood (willow) with traces of pigment, single woodblock construction (34.15.1)
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara of the Lion's Roar or Simhanada Avalokiteshvara (Shi hou Guanyin Pusa), Ming dynasty, late 15th–16th century, China, Wood (poplar) with pigments, single woodblock construction (2000.270)
The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Seated in Royal Ease, Angkor period, late 10th–early 11th century, Cambodia, Copper alloy, silver inlay (1992.336)
Bodhisattva Manjushri as Tikshna-Manjushri (Minjie Wenshu Pusa), Ming dynasty, Yongle period (1403–24), China, Gilt brass, lost-wax cast (2001.59)
Bodhisattva Padmapani, Transitional period, 10th–11th century, Nepal, Copper alloy with gilding and semiprecious stones (1982.220.2)
Bodhisattva, probably Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin), Northern Qi dynasty, ca. 550–60, Shanxi Province, China, Sandstone with pigments (65.29.4)
Buddha Amitayus attended by bodhisattvas, 11th century, Tibet, Distemper on cloth (1989.284)
Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru (Yaoshi fo), Yuan dynasty, ca. 1319, Shanxi Province, China, Water-based pigment over foundation of clay mixed with straw (65.29.2)
Death of the Historical Buddha (Nehan), Kamakura period, 14th century, Unidentified artist, Kyoto, Japan, Hanging scroll; ink, gold, and color on silk (12.134.10)
Enthroned Buddha Attended by the Bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani, Early Eastern Javanese period, second half of the 10th century, Java, Indonesia, Bronze (2004.259)
Fierce Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom, 10th century, Nepal, Gilt copper alloy with color and gold paint (1982.220.13)
Four deities from a Vajradhatu (Diamond World) Mandala, Eastern Javanese period, fourth quarter of 10th–first half of 11th century, Indonesia (Java, Nganjuk), Bronze (1987.142.5, 7-9)
Head of a bodhisattva, 5th–6th century; Afghanistan, probably from Hadda, Clay or terracotta, garnet (1986.2)
Helmet, 15th–17th century, Mongolian, Iron and gold (1999.120)
Illuminated pages from a dispersed Dharani manuscript, 14th–15th century, Tibet (Zhalu monastery), Inks and color on paper (1986.509.1a,b)
Illustrated manuscript of the Lotus Sutra, Goryeo dynasty, ca. 1340, Unidentified artist (late 14th century), Korea, Folding book, gold and silver on indigo-dyed mulberry paper; 106 pages (1994.207)
Kshitigarbha (Jijang), Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), Unidentified artist (first half of the 14th century), Korea, Hanging scroll; gold and color on silk (29.160.32)
Kumano shrine mandala, Nanbokucho period, early 14th century, Japan, Hanging scroll: ink, color, and gold on silk (2006.521)
Lunette with Buddha surrounded by adorants, 5th–6th century, Hadda, Afghanistan, Stucco (2005.314)
Manjuvajra Mandala, Pala period (ca. 700–1200), 11th century, Bangladesh or India (West Bengal), Black stone (57.51.6)
Monumental bodhisattva head, 4th–5th century; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Stucco (1977.191)
Pair of manuscript covers with Buddhist deities, late 11th century, Nepal, Distemper on wood (1976.192.1-2)
Pensive Bodhisattva, Three Kingdoms period, mid-7th century, Korea, Gilt bronze (2003.222)
Seated Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion, Anuradhapura period, ca. late 7th–first half of 8th century, Sri Lanka, Bronze (1987.142.65)
Seated bodhisattva, Yuan dynasty, late 13th–early 14th century; Qingbai ware, China, Probably from kilns in the vicinity of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, Porcelain with relief decoration under bluish white glaze (51.166)
Shadakshari Lokeshvara with Deities and Monks, late 15th century, Tibet, Distemper and gold on cloth (1985.390.3)
Standing Bodhisattva Maitreya, Buddha of the Future, ca. 3rd century; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Schist (13.96.17)
Standing bodhisattva, 8th–9th century, Nepal, Gilt copper alloy (1981.59)
Standing four-armed Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion, ca. 9th century; Peninsular or Shrivijaya style, Thailand, Bronze (1982.64)
Standing Vajrapani, Licchavi period, 6th–7th century, Nepal, Copper alloy (L.1993.51.5)
Torso of a monumental bodhisattva, ca. 5th century; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, probably Sahri Bahlol workshop, Schist (1995.419)
Water-Moon Avalokiteshvara, Goryeo dynasty, first half of 14th century, Unidentified artist (first half of the 14th century), Korea, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk (14.76.6)
Welcoming Descent of Amida and Twenty-five Bodhisattvas, Nanbokucho period, late 14th century, Unidentified artist, Japan, Hanging scroll; ink, color, and gold on silk (42.25.37)
Yamantaka Mandala with imperial portraits, Yuan dynasty, 1330–1332, China, Silk tapestry (kesi) (1992.54)