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Virgin Mary

Figure, Biblical, New Testament, Virgin Mary

Works of Art (89)

All Saints in an Initial E: Cutting from an Antiphonary, ca. 1430–40, Osservanza Master (Italian), Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (1975.1.2484)
Amulet, 6th century, Byzantine, from Egypt (?), Hematite amulet carved intaglio, with gilded silver mount (17.190.491)
The Annunciation from a Book of Hours, ca. 1485–90, France (Tours), Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (2004.564)
The Annunciation of the Death of the Virgin, ca. 1670, Samuel van Hoogstraten (Dutch), Oil on canvas (1992.133)
Annunciation Triptych (Merode Altarpiece), ca. 1427–1432, Workshop of Robert Campin (Netherlandish, ca. 1375–1444), South Netherlandish, Tournai (present-day Belgium), Oil paint on oak (56.70)
Annunciation, 1480–89, Hans Memling, Oil on canvas, transferred from wood panel (1975.1.113)
The Annunciation, 1672, Luca Giordano (Italian, Neapolitan), Oil on canvas (1973.311.2)
The Annunciation, ca. 1450, Attributed to Petrus Christus (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (32.100.35)
The Annunciation, ca. 1485, Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi) (Italian, Florentine), Tempera and gold on wood (1975.1.74)
Annunciation, ca. 1522–25, Correggio (Antonio Allegri) (Italian), Pen and black ink, brush and gray wash, highlighted extensively with white gouache squared in red chalk, on pink-washed paper (19.76.9)
Assumption of the Virgin in an Initial A: Cutting from an Antiphonary, ca. 1470–80, Cosmè Tura (Italian, Ferrarese), Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (11.50.1)
Assumption of the Virgin in an Initial V, ca. 1340, Leaf from an antiphonary, Niccolò di ser Sozzo (Italian), Italian (Siena), Tempera, gold, and ink on parchment (96.32.12)
Assumption of the Virgin, ca. 1340, Bernardo Daddi (Italian [Florence]), Tempera on panel (1975.1.58)
The Assumption of the Virgin, Francesco de Mura (Italian, Neapolitan), Pen and black ink, gray wash, over black chalk (1971.243)
Birth of the Virgin, 1467, Fra Carnevale (Bartolomeo di Giovanni Corradini) (Italian, Marchigian), Tempera and oil on wood (35.121)
Booklet with Scenes of the Passion, carving, ca. 1300; painting, ca. 1310–20, Northern France (carving) and Upper Rhine (painting), Elephant ivory, polychromy, gilding (1982.60.399)
Bust of the Virgin, ca. 1390–95, Bohemia, Terracotta with polychromy (2005.393)
Chalice of Peter of Sassoferrato, 1341–42 with later, perhaps 15th-century, cup, Italian; Siena, from the Franciscan Church of Sassoferrato, Silver gilded and translucent enamel (1988.67)
Chasuble, ca. 1330–1350, English, Silk and silver-gilt thread and colored silks in underside couching, split stitch, laid-and-couched work, and raised work, with pearls on velvet (27.162.1)
Christ Appearing to His Mother, ca. 1496, Juan de Flandes (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (22.60.58)
Christ Crucified between the Virgin and Saint John, 14th century, Probably French, Onyx; mounted, probably a pendant in gold with enamel and rock crystal (40.20.59)
Christ Taking Leave of His Mother, possibly the right wing of a diptych, ca. 1500, Gerard David (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (14.40.636)
Coronation of the Virgin, ca. 1455, Giovanni di Paolo (Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia) (Italian, Sienese), Tempera on panel (1975.1.38)
Crozier Head, ca. 1350, French, Ivory (17.190.164)
The Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saint John, ca. 1625, Hendrick ter Brugghen (Dutch), Oil on canvas (56.228)
The Crucifixion, ca. 1495–1500, Gerard David (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (09.157)
Dead Christ with the Virgin, Saint John, and Angels, ca. 1390–1405, French (Paris), Opaque and translucent enamel on gold (17.190.913)
The Death of the Virgin (The Dormition), late 15th century, Workshop of Master Tilman, Made in Cologne, Germany, Oak (1973.348)
Diptych with Scenes of the Annunciation, Nativity, Crucifixion, and Resurrection, 1300–1325, German; Made in Cologne (possibly), Rhine valley, silver gilt with translucent and opaque enamels (1980.366)
Diptych with Scenes of the Life of Christ and the Virgin, Saint Michael, John the Baptist, Thomas Becket, and the Trinity, ca. 1350, Carved in Cologne, Germany, Ivory (1970.324.8a,b)
Diptych with the Last Judgment and Coronation of the Virgin, ca. 1250–1270, French; Paris, Elephant ivory (1970.324.7a–b)
Doorway from Moutiers-Saint-Jean, ca. 1250, French, Limestone with traces of polychromy (32.147)
The Dormition of the Virgin; Christ Carrying the Cross, ca. 1510, Hans Schäufelein (German); Master of Engerda (?) (German), Augsburg, Oil on wood (2011.485ab)
Double-Sided Pendant Icon with the Virgin and Christ Pantokrator, ca. 1080–1120, Byzantine; Made in Constantinople, Cloisonné enamel, gold (1994.403)
Embroidery with the Annunciation, mid-15th century, Netherlandish, Silk and metallic threads on linen (1990.330)
Enthroned Virgin, 1490–1500, Lower or Upper Austria, Linden wood with gesso, paint, and gilding (2010.446)
Enthroned Virgin, late 12th century, Scandinavian, perhaps from Gotland, Poplar with remains of polychromy (17.190.716)
Figures of the Mourning Virgin and Saint John, ca. 1744–45, Italian; Capodimonte, Soft-paste porcelain (45.7 cm)
Head of the Madonna, fragment, 1510, Franciabigio (Francesco di Cristofano) (Italian, Florentine), Oil on wood (32.100.89)
Head of the Virgin in Three-Quarter View Facing Right, 1508–12, Leonardo da Vinci (Italian), Italian, Charcoal, black and red chalks; traces of framing line in pen and brown ink at upper right (51.90)
Icon with the Deesis, mid-900s, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Ivory (17.190.133)
Icon with the Koimesis ("Falling Asleep") of the Virgin Mary, late 10th century, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Ivory (17.190.132)
Icon with the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, 1400–1500, Byzantine, Wood, painted, with gold ground (31.67.8)
The Immaculate Conception, 1627, Guido Reni (Italian, Bolognese), Oil on canvas (59.32)
Initial G with the Birth of the Virgin, ca. 1375, From a gradual created for the Camaldolese monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Florence, Don Silvestro de' Gherarducci (Italian, Florentine), Italian (Florence), Tempera, gold, and ink on parchment (21.168)
Initial R, with the Annunciation, from a Gradual, ca. 1300, German; Probably made at the convent of Sankt Katharinenthal, Lake Constance, Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (1982.175)
Lamentation Group, dated 1487, Italian (Faenza), probably made for a Franciscan church or convent near Faenza, Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (04.26a-h)
Lamentation, 1591, Scipione Pulzone (Il Gaetano) (Italian, Roman), Oil on canvas (1984.74)
The Lamentation, ca. 1450, Petrus Christus (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (91.26.12)
Lamentation, ca. 1510–20, Attributed to Jan de Beer (Netherlandish), Pen and black ink, over traces of black chalk (2001.189)
The Lamentation, ca. 1582, Ludovico Carracci (Italian, Bolognese), Oil on canvas (2000.68)
Lamentation, recto and verso, early 1470s, Simon Marmion (French), Oil and tempera(?) on oak panel (1975.1.128)
Last Judgment, from a Book of Hours, ca. 1400, French; Paris, Tempera and gold on vellum (1998.179)
Madonna and Child Enthroned, Master of Monte Oliveto (Italian, active Siena), Tempera on wood, gold ground (18.117.1)
Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels, ca. 1350, Lippo Memmi (Filippo di Memmo) (Italian, Sienese), Tempera on wood, gold ground (43.98.6)
Madonna and Child, 1370s, Paolo di Giovanni Fei (Italian), Tempera on wood, gold ground (41.190.13)
Madonna and Child, ca. 1480, Carlo Crivelli (Italian), Tempera and gold on wood (49.7.5)
Madonna and Child, probably late 1480s, Giovanni Bellini (Italian, Venetian), Oil on wood (08.183.1)
Madonna in the Clouds, ca. 1581 (no later than 1582), Federico Barocci (Italian), Etching and engraving; sheet (
The Marriage Feast at Cana, ca. 1498–1500, Juan de Flandes (Netherlandish), Oil on panel (1982.60.20)
Marriage of the Virgin, ca. 1430, Michelino da Besozzo (Michelino de Mulinari) (Italian, Lombard), Tempera and gold on wood (43.98.7)
Mater Dolorosa (Mourning Virgin), 18th century, Sino-Spanish, Wood with pigments, gilding, ivory, and silver (2002.133a,b)
Mourning Virgin, from a Crucifixion Group, ca. 1585–90, Manner of Germain Pilon (French), Gilt bronze (1998.437)
Pendant Medallion with the Last Judgment, ca. 1420, French (Paris?), Ivory, paint, silver-gilt mount (17.190.894)
Pietà (Vesperbild), ca. 1400, Bohemian, Limestone (2001.78)
Plaque with the Virgin Mary as a Personification of the Church, carved 800–875, Carolingian, Ivory (17.190.49)
Portable Mosaic Icon with the Virgin Eleousa, early 14th century, Byzantine, probably Constantinople, Miniature mosaic set in wax on wood panel with gold, multicolored stones, and gilded copper tesserae; some portions restored (2008.352)
Portal from the Church of San Leonardo al Frigido, ca. 1170–1180, Italian; Made in Tuscany, White Carrara marble, grayish marble (62.189)
Processional Cross, ca. 1000–1050, Byzantine, Silver with gilding and gilded silver medallions (1993.163)
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, ca. 1512–15, Gerard David (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (49.7.21)
Saint John on Patmos, ca. 1511, Hans Baldung Grien (German), Oil on panel (1983.451)
Saint Luke Painting the Virgin, 1526, Dirck Vellert (Netherlandish), Engraving (1986.1000)
Triptych, ca. 1250–75, North French; possibly Paris, Ivory, paint, gilding with metal mounts (17.190.279a–e)
The Virgin Adoring the Host, 1852, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (French), Oil on canvas (2005.186)
Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, probably 1519, Albrecht Dürer (German), Oil on wood (14.40.633)
The Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist, ca. 1520–30, Northern Italian, Sardonyx; mounted in gold as a ring (38.150.4)
Virgin and Child, ca. 1444–46, Pesellino (Francesco di Stefano) (Italian, Florentine), Tempera on panel (30.95.254)
Virgin and Child, ca. 1510, Workshop of Gerard David (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (1975.1.118)
Virgin and Child, ca. 1525, Joos van Cleve (Netherlandish) and a collaborator, Oil on wood (1982.60.47)
Virgin Mary and Five Standing Saints above Predella Panels, 1440–1446, German; From the Carmelite church at Boppard-am-Rhein, Pot-metal glass, white glass, vitreous glass, silver stain (37.52.1–6)
Virgin of the Apocalypse, ca. 1480–1490, Circle of the Master of the Amsterdam Cabinet, German; Middle Rhineland, Colorless glass, silver stain, and vitreous paint (1982.47.1)
Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, 18th century, Hispano-Philippine, Ivory, partly polychromed and gilded, with glass eyes and silver halo (64.164.243)
Virgin, banco panel, Master of Riglos (Spanish, Aragonese), Tempera and oil on wood, gold ground (52.35)
Virgin, ca. 1250, Alsace, Strasbourg (modern France), Sandstone with original paint and gilding (47.101.11)
The Visitation in an Initial A and Cardinal Adam Easton with a Dominican Saint and Saint Dominic, ca. 1400, Leaf from an antiphonary, Italian (Venice), Tempera, gold, and ink on parchment (90.61.3)
Visitation, 1444, Probably Strasbourg; From the Carmelite church at Boppard-am-Rhein, Pot-metal glass (13.64.3ab)
Visitation, ca. 1310, Attributed to Master Heinrich of Constance, German; Made in Constance, Walnut, paint, gilding, rock-crystal cabochons (17.190.724)
The Young Virgin, ca. 1632–33, Francisco de Zurbarán (Spanish), Oil on canvas (27.137)

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