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Figure, Biblical, New Testament, Apocalypse

Works of Art (6)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, ca. 1497–98, Albrecht Dürer (German), Woodcut (19.73.209)
Frontispiece of the Apocalypse, 1555, Jean Duvet (French), Engraving (25.2.68)
Manuscript of the Apocalypse, 1320s, Normandy, Paint, gold, silver, and brown ink on vellum (68.174)
Virgin of Quito, second half of 18th century, After a model by Bernardo Legarda, Ecuadoran (Quito), Wood, polychromed and gilded (64.164.236)
Virgin of the Apocalypse, ca. 1480–1490, Circle of the Master of the Amsterdam Cabinet, German; Middle Rhineland, Colorless glass, silver stain, and vitreous paint (1982.47.1)
Whore of Babylon, from The Apocalypse, 1498, Albrecht Dürer (German), Woodcut (18.65.8)

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